Black Life Films is an online film festival, that highlights premium independent films from around the world. The purpose of submitting your film is to have an online video platform for your film.

We have a rolling submission process.

Who Is Eligible To Submit To Black Life Films?
• Black Life Films accepts films and videos made by and/or about people of the African diaspora. Filmmaker needn’t be of African descent. Films should preferably depict positive or realistic images.
• Films can be any genre – drama, comedy, horror, adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, etc. Black Life Films accepts features and shorts; narratives, series and documentaries.
• All submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.
• All films should have a synopsis.

Rules & Terms
• Works completed at any date are eligible.
• DVD/BluRay and Digital File formats are accepted. Web links to your film is the best way to submit.
• If your entry is accepted for our festival, you will be notified within six months of your submission.
• Film must be sent to the Black Life Films at the filmmaker's expense. Please label the DVD/BluRay with the film's title, running time, director's name and contact phone/email.
• Black Life Films must have permission to use up to 3 minutes of footage or photographic stills from the work for broadcast, web publication or other promotional purposes.
• Black Life Films must be notified in writing of any press or photo restrictions.
• Filmmaker holds Black Life Films harmless from damage to or loss of the BluRay/DVD, Digital File or any publicity material.
• The selection committees' decisions are final.
• The entry fee is nonrefundable.