Black Ivory

Generational curses are birthed, nurtured, and passed down as family heirlooms, while Black women became a part of the inheritance. The evil of White superiority, coupled with false privilege and prejudice, plagued the Whetstine family; a group of slave breeders who bred more than slaves. However, the sick and twisted family found their strength, prosperity, and healing, in the blood of the Black woman.
Jeremiah “Kang” Thompson and Nina Jackson set out on a quest for financial wealth when they team up with Graham Whetstine, the heir to the Whetstine throne. Together they orchestrated the sale and purchase of Black women throughout the state of South Carolina. One wrong transaction chopped down family trees and fully exposed their damaged roots.

  • Forever Redd
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    Television Script, Other
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Forever Redd

Forever Redd is a South Carolina native who enjoys reading a good book, just as much as writing one. Her first novel, Sleepin’ In Heaven Wakin’ In Hell, debuted in December of 2013. Following in its footsteps, Sleep No More and Blessed By the Fire. The connection between the main characters forced her pen into the Erotica Genre and she penned her first erotic novella, Freakizm. Shortly thereafter, Forever Redd collaborated with Hood Chronicles, and together they released, Sadistic Saturdays, an Erotic novel. Forever Redd didn’t stop there; she penned a three-part, Urban fiction series titled, Nightmares In Pink. Completing her catalog was, The Devil’s Mouth, and Uber Everywhere.

With the year 2020 bringing about senseless gun violence, unwarranted deaths, and a pandemic, Forever Redd was compelled to tap into her ancestral roots and pen the Historical Thriller, Black Ivory.

Forever Redd is an eclectic individual that’s on a mission to deliver an experience through her words. Although the genres may vary, the quality never wavers. Her goal in the literary industry is to have all of her works, Forever Redd.

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