Black Haven Film Festival is a celebration of black creatives and their stories told in the heart of their communities. We value inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and storytellers to activate the communities in which we reside.

Black Haven Film Fest is an annual, first-of-its-kind, short film festival that seeks to celebrate Connecticut’s black stories, filmmakers, and expression - but it’s also more than that. Media, Film, and Theater in New Haven have long been co-opted by classism, elitism, and racism suffocating Black creatives and their stories. Black Haven Film Fest believes it’s time to break down the long-standing systems that keep excellent art from being supported, funded, seen, celebrated, and held at the status that it rightfully deserves.

Black Haven Film Festival 2023 is exploring the theme "Black Home" through belonging, coming of age, identity, and more. This is the theme in which we are calling our filmmakers to submit their interpretation of what Black Home is and means to them.

Black Haven Film Festival panel of decorated industry judges selects up to 5 black filmmakers from across the state of Connecticut. Upon their selections, Black Haven Film Awardees will have their films be premier in-person and online at the Black Haven Film Festival. In addition, Awardees will receive a $1,200 financial award, BHFF Awardee certificate, professional artist profile including headshots and interviews ( premier along with film during our festival) as well as be a part of a lifetime network of black filmmakers across our in and out of state communities. We make it a point to stay connected without awardees to continue to support their work, growth, and evolution in the field.

We are offering 2 categories of Award this 2023 round:

Films between 5 - 10 minutes running time will qualify for BHFF Star Award including $1,200, Headshot, Artist Profile Interview, and Festival Premiere
Only 5 Filmmakers will be awarded the BHFF Star Award

Films between 1min - 4min running time will qualify for BHFF ShortShortz Award including a $500 award, headshot, written interview, and Festival Premiere.
Only 2 filmmakers will be awarded the ShortShortz Award

Guideline Summary -

All films must comply with the following rules/regulations:

All submissions must be received by February 1st, 2022 midnight EST.
Filmmakers must be between 18 and older
Filmmakers must be current Connecticut residents and born in the state of Connecticut
Films must be a minimum of 1 minute, maximum 10 minutes running time.
Films can be of any genre but will be subject to 3 categories Narrative, Documentary ( see more in our Submission Guidelines)
Films must have been created fall of 2018 up until the present
One submission per filmmaker (or group of filmmakers)
Films can be in any language but we request that all films in languages other than English have an English transcript or subtitles available

Submission Guidelines:
In order for you to submit you must be; be a current Connecticut Resident and/or born in the state of Connecticut
The person submitting must be 18 or older

About the applicant:
The person submitting their film to the festival must be a Director or Producer of said Film
You must own the rights to the film
You may submit as an Individual filmmaker or team but it does not impact the difference in compensation
Group submissions such as team efforts or school projects should be submitted under one director’s name.
About the applicant’s film:
Only one film per filmmaker is allowed. Choose your best work!
Films will be subjected to G, PG-13 or TV- MA to rating standards* see more in FAQ
Filmmakers will be divided into 2 categories by the length of the film: 1 - 4 mins / 5min - 10 mins.
Minimum 1 minute, maximum 10 minutes running time.
All films must be submitted with a title and credits.
Any music recordings in the film must be original work and/or included with permission by the songwriter or license holder, OR available copyright-free from the public domain. The inclusion of unlicensed music will automatically disqualify your film from consideration.
Films can be in any language but we request that all films in languages other than English have an English transcript or subtitles available

You must be available for a selected photoshoot and interview dates in order for you to officially accept your award
Those who cannot attend will be disqualified
This qualification is subjected to shift based on covid climate and mandate
Categories include Narrative (Drama, Comedy, SciFi etc.) Documentary and Music Video.