Birds can fly, and so can those who dare to dream.

‘The answers to life’s greatest questions are in film’. So this festival is for those dreamers trying to find answers for their own big questions.

At our 2018 event, we raised £230 for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation!
At our 2019 event we will be raising money for Crisis! A charity aiming to end homelessness.
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Alex Hackett - Festival Director

Best Script: The Songbird
Best Editing: The Magpie
Best Cinematographer: The Owl
Best Director: The Cuckoo
Best Micro-short: The Hummingbird
Best Performance: The Peacock

The Classy Bird Award
this year this category has the theme of birds! Only films with this theme will be considered for the award. But use your imagination... is it centred around women? Is it about a character spreading their wings? Or is it literally about poultry? Either way, share it with us!

Each Selection/winner will receive an official Black Bird Film Festival Laurel and will be presented with an award at the event.

Films produced in the UK, or made by UK filmmakers will be eligible. 
International submission may still be considered, provided they have English subtitles.

Ideally, one production team member must be a first-time filmmaker (this can be anyone from actor to runner) but this is not compulsory.

No films completed prior to June 2017 may be considered for any award. (They may be shot before this time.)

Typically, the award winner will be required to attend unless under exceptional circumstances. Failure to confirm your attendance may result in forfeit of your award.