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Black: A Noir

Though set current day BLACK: A NOIR is a throwback to 1970s hard boiled detective and exploitation films. Desmond Black is a bad ass middle-aged P.I. who still has a way with the ladies. Though legal and licensed most of his paying work is not. He’d like to slow down and enjoy life but he has to pay for his sick sister’s medical bills, so on he grinds.

When his mysterious and wealthy benefactor, Whitherspoon, gets him his next lucrative gig, the simple missing persons case turns into an esoteric game of double-cross. An estranged wealthy couple, two wayward young lesbians, one of Desmond’s ladies, Whitherspoon himself, and a suspected vampire are all trying to get what they want at the expense of the others.

And this just pisses Desmond Black off even more than he's already pissed off.

  • Michael Z Atrata
    Bostonian, Of Starlight
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  • Genres:
    noir, crime, horror
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Michael Z Atrata

The person who is Michael Z. Atrata came into being in 2008. Before that there was a man, a "regular person" whose "regular" life was taken from him in the 2008 crash. After a few months of floundering the storyteller took hold.

Through a tough grind and the generosity of friends and family he has produced two (very) low budget feature length indie films that are in distribution and make a profit every quarter.

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Writer Statement

As mentioned in the overview, this script is inspired by the noir, detective, and exploitation films of the 1970s. That time period was not a very open and empathetic one in our history. This character came of age in that time period and some of his views and much of his language reflects that. In a nutshell a lot of people today will be offended, though that was never the intention of the script...well maybe a little but it pokes fun of almost everyone.