Bizarre Bazaar

Feeling pleasure, relief or gratification while stealing is an unacceptable and false behavior that needs to be corrected and meditated, whether it is material, emotional, political, identity or time theivery. Bizarre Bazaar is a fictional short animated film depicted the reality in contrast where a boy finds himself in a fantasy and colorful street, greeted by peculiar cat sellers. The boy is anxious as he explores the glitzy surrounding. He finds himself irresistible from the opulent eggs and steal one from the store. Fragmented reality and uncertainty of oneself occurs as the boy finds himself in limbo, because he is unassured of his own being and existence in the deviant realm as his suspicious and temptation of stealing grew. The moment he resisted these alluring temptation, he ascertain his presence stature again. Oftentimes human being were lost and fantasies to live in dreamscape, to escape from the reality in contrast that we must all confront.

  • Yoong Wah Alex Wong
  • Seham Hakmi, Deniz Naz Bayram, Adnan Burak Ayaz, Irem Efe, Berk Canli.
  • Yoong Wah Alex Wong
  • Naz Kirelli, Irem Efe, Nazif Can Akcali, Irem Efe, Seham Hakmi, Cansin Toprak, Neslihan Sumer, Mine Gunduz, Vayde Kapanak, Nur Huseyin.
    Environment Modeling:
  • Deniz Naz Bayram, Adnan Burak Ayaz, Seham Hakmi, Berk Canli, Umutcan Ozbilen.
    Character Modeling:
  • Emir Suat Darman, Naz Kirelli, Azra Yaprak Muldur, Irem Efe, Seham Hakmi, Deniz Naz Bayram, Adnan Burak Ayaz, Berk Canli, Umutcan Ozbilen, Vayde Kapanak, Cansin Toprak, Neslihan Sumer.
  • Mine Gunduz, Pelin Maravent, Gulsah Cansever.
    Motion Graphics:
  • Yoong Wah Alex Wong.
    Lighting, Rendering and Editing:
  • Alicem Batmansuyu.
    Sound Design:
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental, Short
  • Genres:
    Sci Fi
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 10 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 18, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Yoong Wah Alex Wong