An online film contest with live screenings in Berlin and Lisbon.

The topic of our contest is "The Crypto Future". It's up to you how you interpret this. Your film may be about cryptography, cryptocurrencies or any other cryptic, futuristic issue.

All films will be shown online on By voting for them, new money ("Steem Dollars") will be generated, which will be paid out as prize money. The film with the highest number of votes wins.

A kick-off event will take place in Berlin on October 12.
The award ceremony will happen at SteemFest 2017 in Lisbon on November 3rd.

All generated Steem Dollars will go into a jackpot.
50% of it will be paid out to the winner film
25% to the second place
10% to the third place.
The remainder will be used to fly in the winner to Lisbon and host him or her at SteemFest.

The topic of the film: The Crypto Future
The maximum length: 10 minutes

We accept fiction films or documentaries, animation or live action.

Overall Rating
  • Semiosphera (Francesca, Lino)

    Bitfilm is one the most creative Art and Entertainment side effects of the crypto-economy. We must expect more and more branch-offs from the cryptocurrencies ongoing process.

    November 2017