Sex! Bikes! Films!

Various interpretations about what is great about sex and cycling, Bike Smut is your artistic synthesis of transportation and sexuality. Both contribute to ones quality of life and generally improve the joy and emancipation of a community when properly addressed. The only way to see the Bike Smut Film Festival is when it plays in a theater, bike shop or basement for a live audience.

Past Bike Smut contributors include Gus Van Sant, Courtney Trouble, Madison Young, Tinto Brass, Pandora Blake, and countless more rad, sex-positive filmmakers!

Accepted films will focus human-powered and sex-positive themes. Otherwise We dont care how you shoot it. Just find a way to get it in some shareable format. Cameras are everywhere these days. Shoot in super 8, shoot in HD, string a bunch of still images together from your iphone. We prefer 16x9 ratio, but if you wanna shoot in pixelsvison or some other crazy format, we are ok with that. Please keep it under 10 min unless you have contacted us.