The Texas Bigfoot Film Festival celebrates the love of cryptozoology and cryptid cinema. Film lovers, Bigfoot cinema fans, cryptozoologists and just the curious mingle and share in the enduring Bigfoot Cinema mystique.

Films are screened at the historic Memorial City Hall Performance Theater in the beautifully restored main theater. Filmmakers in attendance mingle with cryptozoology and horror film fans between screenings. The kick-back, casual attitude is perfect for the films being screened!

Beginning in 2023, the festival will award statues for best films in select categories as chosen by the attendees.

Disclaimer: Our festival does not guarantee your film's inclusion into it just for considering your project, obviously. However, we are a filmmaker-created and driven festival. We keep fees lows and encourage two-way communication. Basically, we're not a committee run by a city council, but a diverse group of cinema lovers and researchers who stage a really fun, alternative and growing festival. We really look forward to seeing and hearing from you!