We’ve had 18 inches of rain, snowmelt is pouring into the Kern River, raging torrents have, and continue to, damage roads up into the Kern Valley, and our Organizer’s Big Foot was run over in the Von’s parking lot. Stuff happens; but we’re flexible. Stay tuned e for new information on next year’s camp.
Many of you have fond memories of those idyllic summer days at camp --and the summer nights sharing tall tales around that communal fire. We’re bringing that back, but we’re doing it a little different.

Nestled amongst the pine forest in the Southern Sierras, just above the Kern river valley, is a century-old summer camp. Cabins, bunk beds, a mess hall and perhaps rabid woodchucks and the ghostly ethereal singing of bygone Campfire Girls set the scene.

If you’ve ever thought: “I’d like to try my hand at making a movie someday” —
This is your time.

There, while mentored by world-class professionals — think of them as your camp counselors — you and your team will be introduced to the art, craft and magic of film making.

In 4 Days, You and Your Team Will:
Shoot and Act in
and Premiere
Your Short Film

Accommodations, meals, workshops, the great outdoors and a nightly film festival under the stars are included.

You will leave with lifelong memories and your team's very own short film.

Our list of Mentors is still growing:
Emmy Nominated Cinematographer; Documentary Filmmaker, Chuck Barbee
Award winning editor for Tango Shalom; writer/editor Free Enterprise, Robert Meyer Burnett
Award Winning Short Film Director and Music Videographer, Tim Cash
Award Winning Short Film Writer/Director, Daniel Eduvijes Carrera

***NEW*** Stanzi Stokes, Acting coach/teacher and casting director of such notable films as "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Terminator" and "The Return of the Living Dead," joins BigFoot FilmCamp's growing list of world-class Mentors.
Welcome aboard, Stanzi.

***NEW*** Ildy Modrovich
Ildy just finished writing, executive producing and showrunning Lucifer, first for Fox and then for Netflix which aired its sixth and final season at the end of 2021. She’s thrilled to have received a People’s Choice Award for the series and to have been nominated for a Critics Choice Award as well. Under her leadership, the series became the most streamed original series for 2021.

***NEW*** Cliff Birbrower
Cliff has been editing for 30+ years. He's left his mark on everything from documentaries to reality TV, including "The X-Factor" and "The Voice." (Just go to his IMDB page and start scrolling - your fingers will get tired).

Yes, there will be Awards...

*YOU MUST* Fill out the questionnaire at:
You will be notified within 7 days if you're accepted.

For your convenience, you can pay for the Camp on FilmFreeway

For this inaugural year, BigFoot FilmCamp will be limited to 100 FilmCampers and you must be over 18 years of age. Your completed films will be judged by our FilmCamp Mentors.

Deadline for applications is June 11th. Once you are notified of acceptance, the final balance will be due by June 25th.