Big Fat Fairytale

An overweight tooth fairy leads a group of disgruntled unemployed fairies into a battle to regain their rightful positions.

    Luck of the draw, Wages of sin, Footsie & the toe
  • Lee Ann Riddle
    Luck of the draw, Wages of sin, Footsie & the toe, Feet on the dashboard
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    United States
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Writer Biography - CHRISTINE ELIZABETH LOCKER, Lee Ann Riddle

Resume for Christine Locker & Lee Ann Riddle – Christine – Lee Ann

Writing together since 2003. Christine lives in Pretoria, South Africa and Lee Ann in California, USA.

Produced credits – Short Films:
• 'Luck of the Draw' directed/produced by S.J. Main of Tica Productions 2006 (Prior to production Original Screenplay placed 2nd in 'Writesafe 2nd Quarter 2005' contest) Selected for screening at Palm Springs Film Festival 2007, AFI Dallas Film Festival 2008, Jackson Hole Film Festival 2008, Rhode Island Film Festival 2008.
• 'Aeriell's Eyes' directed/produced by Patricia Phelan 2005

Produced credits – Feature films:
• 'Wages of sin' produced/directed by Aaron Robson 2007. Selected for screening at the Shockerfest Film Festival 2006, Nominated for best feature film.
• 'Footsie & the toe' directed/produced by Pepi Singh Khara of Frederick Films 2005

Unproduced feature screenplay wins
• "Flight of the Dragonfly' – Drama in collaboration with SJ Main of Tica Productions - 2nd (finalist) in the drama category of the International Family Film Festival and was 1 of 25 semi-finalists in the Domani Vision Film Festival
• 'B.ustin' U.nidentified D.udes' - Scifi comedy - Finalist in 'Writesafe 1st Quarter 2005' contest
• 'Operation Santa Claus' - Drama Comedy - Semi-Finalist in 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2005' contest
• 'Ghostwriter' Teenage drama - was a Finalist in 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2005' contest
• 'Wide Open' – Drama- won Honorable Mention in 'Spec Scriptacular South Africa' contest –
• 'Tokoloshe' placed 5th in 'Writesafe 3rd Quarter 2004' contest
• ”Call of the Crazy' won Honorable mention in 'Writesafe 3rd Quarter 2004' contest
• 'Death Midwives' was a Finalist in the 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2004' contest
• 'Seven Trumpets' was a Finalist in 'Writesafe 4th Quarter 2004'contest

Unproduced short screenplay wins
• 'Earl' was a Semi-Finalist in 'Writesafe 1st Quarter 2005' contest
• 'Dead of the Night' placed 3rd in the First Heat of NYCMidnight contest 2004

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