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Big Brother Hui

Hui, a native of Henan, migrated to Guangdong at the age of fifteen, had been at the bottom of social ladder. Hui once worked on the electronics factory's assembly line and later in the filthy restaurants, then he took the opportunity to join the underground, became a local “big brother”.

In 2013, the domestic developer leader Country Garden, started a new project, called Miles Silver Beach, in the fishing village of Huizhou, Guangdong.

The new project brought the originally quiet fishing village a large number of construction teams and revitalize its service industry. It quickly became chaotic in a very short time.

Hui took his gang brothers to Huizhou to run illegal massage shops and gamble business, which also brought him a new life he had never expected: harassment of the competitors, conflicts between brothers and the uneasy within his family.

The cruelty of reality was beyond his imagination. In November 2013, Hui was guilty of imprisonment.

In 2016, Miles of Silver Beach, Country Garden was basically completed, a large-scale holiday project integrating business,residence and tourism stood next to the sea.

But Hui’s glory and shameful past was all blown by the wind, leaving no trace……

  • Feng Yangyang
  • Feng Yangyang
  • Feng Yangyang
  • Hui
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 19 minutes 37 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 20, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    20,000 USD
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Director Biography - Feng Yangyang

Chinese, born in 1990, lives in Beijing, working as the first assistant director of the film and television industry for 6 years.

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