We are a festival of filmmakers, for filmmakers.

The Big as Texas Short Film Festival was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to independent short films whose standards meet professional levels of quality in all aspects of production; From acting, to sound to cinematography and everything in between.

As filmmakers, we know how it feels to put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into a film and it never reaches an audience.
At BATSFF, our goal is to change that. We strive to acknowledge as many high quality films as possible from all over the world so that audiences in Austin Texas have an opportunity to view your film.

We will be giving out more than 20 trophies and a cash award for Best of the Fest! The cream of the crop will be screened at the Southwest Theaters at Lake Creek where we will also be having a filmmaker meet & greet and our red carpet screening.

BATSFF does not issue waivers as there is no way to implement a fair method for which films do or do not deserve waivers. PLEASE DO NOT ASK. Once submitted, there are no refunds.

We do not accept works in progress. Final cuts only! If you are concerned about making the final deadline, please contact us before submission. Any film submitted will be judged "as is".

We are awarding at least 21 trophies on festival night!

For 2022: The BEST OF THE FEST, the film that the jury decides is the best overall film will receive a $250 cash award in addition to the trophy.

One award will be given in each of the following categories, based on judging status and audience voting:

Best American Drama Short
Best American Comedy Short
Best Suspense/Thriller Short
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Short
Best Horror Short
Best American Documentary Short
Best Foreign Dramatic Short
Best Foreign Comedy Short
Best Foreign Documentary Short
Best Television/Web Episode
Best Mockumentary Short
Best LGBT short
Best Of the Fest - The overall winner of the highest rated film from any category.
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Texas Short
Audience Award

Founders Award - Sometimes a film doesn't score as well with the judges, but the Festival Directors feel that it is worthy of an award. This award may or may not be awarded.

We are 100% "green" and will only allow digital screeners and materials via FilmFreeway except for final projection, at which point we will request materials from you.


All Federal, State and Local laws and regulations apply.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (or have your parent or guardian submit on minors behalf).

All entered films must be the original work of the author or authors. Multiple authorship is allowed.

Failure to comply with guidelines, rules, regulations, and eligibility is cause for disqualification.

All films must have been completed no earlier than 2018.

No film which has been submitted to previous seasons of BATSFF will be accepted.

NO premiere status is required.

All BATSFF entries must be submitted through FilmFreeway. Direct entries or payments will not be accepted.

BATSFF reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project or film submitted.

BATSFF does not pay screening fees under any circumstances.

BATSFF reserves the right to disqualify, remove, or otherwise delete a film from our lineup at our own discretion without notice.

One your film has been accepted, acknowledged, and we have the media required, films will not be removed from the lineup unless designated by BATSFF staff.

Entries are NOT guaranteed to be promoted, honored or screened at any BATSFF event. Submission, entry and any fees paid are for inclusion in the film festival finalist selection process. Films selected as “Finalists” will be rated through the judging process based on category, quality, and other determining factors.
All Finalists are required to provide a high resolution digital version of their film for screening.

All films accepted as finalists must remain active on FilmFreeway up until the festival date. Any film that has its link removed will automatically be withdrawn from the festival.

BATSFF does not issue waivers for anyone, from any country, for any reason as there is no way to implement a fair method for which films do or do not deserve waivers. Once submitted, there are no refunds.

Judging Process

All entries are reviewed for eligibility, viewed and initially scored by festival staff and invited jurists. From that process a “Finalist” list is developed. Finalist films are viewed and scored by the festival’s professional industry judges whose collective scores select the winners in each of the film tracks. All judging is completed prior to the actual festival but not revealed until the Awards Ceremony held the final evening of the festival.


All entrants will be notified on or before April 16, 2022. For publication purposes, entries selected as a Film Festival Finalist will be required to supply three digital high resolution stills from the film and at least one digital high resolution photograph of the film's director. The Festival also requests publicity materials and a video trailer (if available). All of this material will be due by April 25, 2022. Publicity and press materials will not be returned.

BATSFF reserves the right to NOT present an award in a category should the level of quality not meet the minimum standard.

All judging decisions are final.

If your credits are more than 60 seconds long, we will cut them down to 60 seconds for screening.


Deadlines are clearly posted in FilmFreeway's submission/entry system.

Film Submission Details

All films submitted must be entered into a specific Category for classification. Texas-made films will automatically be entered into the "Best Texas Short" category upon receipt of proof of Texas production.

Films must be the original work of the Director and must hold rights to use others copyrighted images/music. Music licenses will be confirmed.

All films must have dialogue in English or be subtitled in English.

All films must be 40 minutes or less, including credits.

Films MAY have distribution, provided distribution has not begun.

All musical rights must be cleared for public screening purposes.

We do not consider prior awards or screenings at other festivals, but we would like to know about them.

Premiere status of the film does not matter.

The film MAY NOT be available on the internet.

Please submit in the most appropriate category for your genre.
BATSFF reserves the right to re-classify your film into a more appropriate category.

ACCEPTED FILMMAKERS: You will receive TWO (and only two) emails notifying you of selection status. You have 14 days to respond with deliverables or your film will be removed from the lineup. If you do not respond, or do not provide the required media, your submission fee will be forfeited and your film will be removed from the list of selected films. We apologize for having to make this rule, but it has become a regular problem and must be addressed formally in our rules.

AWARD WINNERS: Due to the increasing cost of shipping, if an award is not accepted in person, shipping costs will be deferred to the filmmaker. These costs range from approximately $10-$60 depending on the number of awards won and where the winner lives. All shipping fees must be paid in advance.

Overall Rating
  • Jay Pulk

    Always friendly and personable communication from this festival. I'm looking forward to submitting next season!

    December 2016
  • Brian Elliott

    Great folks! Timely communication and felt like they're there to honor the work. Appreciate being included!

    December 2016
  • Great communication, great selection of films! Honored to have been invited to this one. May it continue to grow.

    December 2016
  • Cedric B.VON SYDOW

    Thanks to BATSFF . Long life to your great festival

    December 2016
  • Adrian Alonso Cordoni

    Fantastic Festival - very friendly, well organised and solid communication, also a great selection of films, highly recommended.

    November 2016