Powered by artists, BiUS is a digital entertainment company dedicated to bringing an unique perspective on underrepresented characters through streaming video content.

The Script to Screen Contest is dedicated to discovering diverse emerging storytellers. An exciting and unique feature of the contest is the selected winner(s) will have their script produced by BiUS and submitted to various local, national and global film festivals to finally premiere on BiUSTV.

This season we welcome screenplays from AFRICAN AMERICAN/HISPANIC WOMEN in every genre, on any topic, but CAN NOT have no more than (10) pages, (2) locations and (3) characters.

Selected scripts will be produced by BiUS and submitted to various local, national and global film festivals to finally premiere on BiUSTV.

Screenplays must have been written by at least (1) woman who identifies as or with African American or Hispanic.

Submitted scripts must be original screenplays, and the sole property of the applicant(s).
The screenplay has not previously won any screenplay contest, competition or award of any kind.

To protect your script, we strongly suggest you register your work with the Writers Guild of America, West (www.wga.org) and the US Copyright Office (http://www.copyright.gov).

Title Page requirements: Screenplay, Author’s Full Name, log line, and Personal Statement.

The Brothers Texas
a short film by
Ashton Pina

Every family has a secret and The Brothers Texas are no different.

"Personal Statement"

All entries must be submitted in English and by US residents and citizens only.

Screenplays must run between 1 and 10 pages, without the title page. Any script submitted over 10 pages will be immediately disqualified.

Only (1) script per writer or group will be accepted.

Screenplay should be properly formatted and submitted in PDF format.

Please use the following filename for submissions (Screenplay_Last Name.pdf — The Brothers Texas_Pina.pdf)

Be absolutely sure you are uploading the Proper File: Under absolutely no circumstances will substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entry screenplay(s) be made.

Screenplays will not be returned and feedback will not be given. Material will be judged on overall story and characters.

Personal Statement: In 140 characters or less, please describe yourself and how the BiUScript to Screen experience could impact your life.

Selected winners have the opportunity, if they choose, to direct their short film. If winner is not a director, they will expected to participate in a role during the production of their script.

If you have any questions about BiUS or our Script to Screen Contest, please email 4u@biustv.com.