Bhalobashar Lohor

কোকিল কন্ঠে তাসবি শুনি কুহু কুহু
যেন প্রভুর নামটি জপে আল্লাহু
তিনি মোদের একক মালিক আল্লাহু
তিনিই তো মোদের খালিক আল্লাহু
হুয়া ওয়াহদাহু লা শারিকা লাহু

সৃষ্টির মাঝেতে অনুপম সাজেতে
যেদিকেই দু-চোখ মেলি
সবি যেন একই সুরে ভালোবাসার লহরে
গায় গান অফুরান সুর তুলি
তিনিই তো মোদের খালিক আল্লাহু--ঐ

  • Bhalobashar Lohor
  • Jalal Uddin Abrar
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Artist Biography

Jalal Uddin Abrar is a Bangladeshi music artist who has taken the country's music scene by storm. With his unique style and soulful voice, Jalal has become a household name in Bangladesh and has captured the hearts of music lovers all across the nation.

Jalal's musical journey began at a young age, when he discovered his passion for singing. He honed his skills and soon became known for his exceptional voice, which was rich and powerful, and his ability to convey emotion through his music.

As he gained recognition, Jalal's popularity grew, and he began to perform at various events and festivals. He quickly became a sought-after performer, and his music was loved by audiences of all ages. With each performance, Jalal continued to refine his craft and his reputation as a talented musician continued to grow.

Jalal's music is a blend of traditional Bangladeshi sounds and contemporary influences, making it both familiar and fresh. He has a way of bringing out the soul in his music, which is why his songs are loved by so many people. His music is a source of inspiration and hope for those who listen to it, and it has the power to touch the hearts of his listeners.

Jalal Uddin Abrar is a true talent and a gift to Bangladesh's music scene. He has made a significant impact on the country's music industry and has inspired many young musicians to pursue their dreams. We can only imagine what the future holds for this talented artist, but one thing is certain – he will continue to make beautiful music that will move and inspire people for years to come.

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This song is so beautiful