Beyond The Beef

A twisted chef and his assistants prepare a special dish using a new "forbidden meat". But, things don't go as planned with the "forbidden meat" when his father shows up with questions and actions.

  • Danny H. Nunez
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Danny H. Nunez

Danny H. Nuñez is an all-genre loving writer/director who will take any opportunity he can to film something. Nuñez was born in El Paso, Texas on the first day of 1999 but was raised in a suburban town just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Though he is still in his baby years of filmmaking, since he was a child, e's always loved creating stories and visualizing events using his unique imagination. He wishes to someday get to make not only entertaining, but era-changing motion pictures with his equally creative brother, Erick.

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Writer Statement

This one came from the heart in a way. I'd always loved writing these weird type of stories with my style twisted into it. This one will always stand out to me as the one I made with no filter. I hope all get to enjoy.