Better than you

In this video, I share my reflection on society and the changes that artificial intelligence will bring. In my opinion, we follow a code of behavior and the instructions we receive shape our personality and role in society. However, with the arrival of artificial intelligence, it is important to question whether our instructions will be sufficient to keep us relevant. I address the need to think for ourselves and find our unique creativity in a constantly changing world. Society is evolving rapidly and it is crucial that we adapt to survive. This video is a call to action for those who wish to lead their own lives and find their place in a new emerging society.

  • Renata Maria Ramos Afonso Silva
  • Renata Maria Ramos Afonso Silva
  • Renata Maria Ramos Afonso Silva
  • Renata Maria Ramos Afonos Silva
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    Melhor que tu
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    Web / New Media
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Director - Renata Maria Ramos Afonso Silva