Our main purpose is to introduce and reward independent filmmakers around the world and become a brand to open the way in the cinema industry.

We are an IMDB qualifying Film Festival.

Every two months we have a loop. Annually, we will form a special event for every two-month winners.

Best Istanbul Film Festival because; Istanbul, the only city in the world with land on two continents, has land in both Europe and Asia. Istanbul, the capital of many civilizations such as Rome, Latin, Eastern Roman, and Ottoman, is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Best Istanbul Film Festival because; It is one of the five most populous cities in the world that embraces the art world and hosts unique works from past to present. However, this situation is not limited to the last century. Istanbul was among the most crowded and creative cities in the world in the 1500s.

The certificate and the laurel, which can be printed online, are sent free of charge to the award winners. Each winner has a right to purchase trophies if they wish.

Main Categories for Feature Film

Best Feature Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Feature Drama
Best Feature Animation

Main Categories for Short Film

Best Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Short Horror/Crime/Thriller Film
Best Short Comedy Film
Best Short Drama Film
Best Short Animation

Sub Categories for Short Film

Best Director
Best Male Performance
Best Female Performance
Best Cinematography
Best Original Music
Best Editor
Best VFX
Best Student Filmmaker

By submitting Best Istanbul Film Festival, the submitter agrees that you own all copyrights and intellectual properties to your work and agree to hold harmless the festival from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, or attorneys' fees that may be held in connection with the Film entry or the Festival's use thereof.


We accept and review both International short films.
All films are viewed by Best Istanbul Film Festival.
Best Istanbul Film Festival will make the final decisions and notify filmmakers accordingly.


All foreign language short films should be submitted with English subtitles.


By submitting, you hereby agree Best Istanbul Film Festival may utilize your short film & press pack material for promotional purposes.
All films officially selected shall be screened at all functioning venues without a screener fee applied. You agree to post the photos (selfie with trophy or certificate) you send to us on our social media and website.


We do not accept pornography, any non-proper content videos.

The short film and director name will be shared on social media by Best Istanbul Film Festival.

Screening pays will be not ensured.

Overall Rating
  • Amazing Festival, love the diversity that this festival has embraced. I will be submitting my next project to this festival. Thanks!

    April 2021
  • Music is very important for a movie and Best Istanbul Film Festival has given me the oportunity to recognize it, to understand it and to give satisfaction to all my collaborations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I would like to travel to Istanbul soon to be inspired from such a mysterious and intercultural town.

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    We always welcome you to Istanbul. Yes, music is a very nutritious element. We can even call it complementary to the cinema. Thank you very much, we are honored and congratulations again.

  • Adrama-Strong Film Distribution

    Awesome festival, well organized and highly reccomend it! Thank you

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    Directors like you do great work. Congratulations and thank you again.

  • Great Film festival. The festival looks very well organized and programmed.

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much, we are determined to believe in cinema and to continue diligently. Congratulations again.

  • Jenell Diegor

    This is a filmmaker-friendly festival with great communication!

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much, we were honored. Congratulations again and again.