About Us:

Indie film is set to save Hollywood, so why is it still so hard to catch the latest festival hits at your local arthouse? With limited theater runs and risk-averse programmers, sometimes the best we can hope for is streaming the film years after the buzz has died down.

Amazing stories deserve theater exhibition and indie cinema deserves a larger audience which is why Best Fest was born to bring independent content to the people and bring the people to your content!

What We’re Looking For:

- Inspirational new stories.
- Genre-bending and -breaking movies.
- Truly mind-blowing content.
- Independent, autonomous ideas.
- Films mapping uncharted cinematic territory.
- Original ideas made by original voices.
- Groundbreaking/controversial work.

Screenings & updates:

The May 3rd screening at The Rio, Dalston (UK) will be showing 'A Fantastic Woman', The Oscar winning movie about overcoming adversity.

How It Works:

1) Every month we take indie movies to the people in the EU & North America.

2) We showcase a double feature: one major indie film from the festival circuit (released less than 12 months prior) and one newly discovered gem from our submitters.

3) At the end of the 12 months, all 12 winning submitters are screened at our New York Best Fest Showdown event.

4) All semi-finalists, finalists and selected entrants receive industry connections including introductions to streaming services, agents and producers.

5) The submitter who’s movie we show is awarded a $350 screening fee.

6) The Winner of the Best Fest Showdown wins a $1500 prize.

Of note:

Best Fest will be running monthly from the 3rd May 2018 and continuing until 6th Dec 2018 (see our website) in multiple venues globally. All entrants who are to be screened at any one of these events will be notified before the retrospective event. All entrants who make it through to the Best Fest Showdown will be notified by the 31st December.

What we accept:

We accept features and short movies from the following genres: Comedy, Dramedy, Drama, Queer, Horror, Sci-Fi, Historical, Arthouse, World Cinema (With English Subtitles), Action, Western, Musical, Film Noir, Erotic, Romance, Mystery, Disaster, Gangster, Heist, Satire, Thriller

Terms & Conditions:

1. Authority to Enter into this Agreement.
Best Fest needs to know that you have the right to enter this contest. By entering the Best Fest we understand that:
1.1 You are 18 years or older OR you have permission from your parent/guardian to enter this festival.
1.2 You have the full right and power to grant us permission to screen your movie.
1.3 You are the sole creator of the project.
1.4 You are acting as an agent or manager of the sole creator of this project.
1.5 You have been named as the designated representative of an organization or artistic creative and have permission to enter this festival.

2. Submission Deadlines
Submissions close on December 31st 2018.
If you enter this contest early you are not guaranteed acceptance.

3. Submission Format
Movies are to be submitted by secure online link.
Subsequent edits are not accepted.

4. Submission Eligibility
We only accept work made after the year 2015.

5. Submission Fee
Submission fees are payable by secure online payment portals and are non-refundable.

6. Notification
We will try our very hardest to notify all entrants of our decisions by December 31st 2018 via email and your chosen submission portal.

7. Scheduling
All live events are scheduled at the discretion of Best Fest. While we make every effort to conduct events as advertised sometimes things change. If we have to change dates an alternative date will be provided at the earliest opportunity. Best Fest are not liable for any costs filmmakers incur as a result of a schedule change.

8. Withdrawals
If your movie is accepted to be screened no withdrawals can be made after 30 days before the advertised screening date.