Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema showcases the work of local filmmakers and artists from the 9 SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA counties at screenings in parks, playgrounds and smaller venues around Bernal Heights hill. We seek short films or videos — 20 minutes or fewer— in all genres, in which: 1) local residents participated in any aspect of production or distribution, or 2) the subject matter or theme resonate with current sentiments, issues and challenges facing the neighborhood and residents of Bernal Heights. The Bay Area and Bernal Heights in particular have been the center of independent film making and social and political activism. During the 1960s, the neighborhood was known as "Red Hill" for the anti-war activists in shared households and collectives who moved in among the working-class families of Bernal Heights. By the 1990s, Bernal's pleasant microclimate, small houses and freeway access to the peninsula and Silicon Valley led to a third wave of migration. Despite the changing demographic, Bernal retains its reputation as a community of activists and independent thinkers.

Four awards are presented to filmmakers
- "Best of Bernal," "Spirit of Bernal" and "Bright Star– Emerging Filmmaker" are determined by the Submissions & Selection Committee
- "Good life Audience Award" is determined by the audience.

Awards presentation and award-winning films will be presented at the final event of the season, Saturday, September 14, 2019; "Sweet 16 Party and Retrospective"

Awards are created by local artists and presented to winners at finale.

We showcase the work of local filmmakers from the surrounding 9 SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA COUNTIES. IF YOU ARE NOT A RESIDENT OF THIS AREA, please DO NOT submit your work, as we will not accept it. We seek short films, no longer than 20 minutes, in all genres including narrative, animation, documentary, music videos, etc. Particular interest and consideration is given to films that share the sentiments of the Bernal community and to filmmakers who have personal connections to Bernal Heights in San Francisco, whose cast or crew have connections to Bernal Heights or whose film is set in the Bernal Heights area.