Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest has had a short break to re-plan its future strategy. Our aim is to make this festival filmmaker as user-friendly as possible. We teamed up with XERB.TV in 2020 to keep the festival moving forward. The result was a successful and enjoyable online theatre experience. We love sci-fi and want to help all filmmakers get the best out of their submissions. Please look at the reviews to get a full insight into the festival.

As part of our submissions commitment, ALL ENTRANTS will receive a complimentary copy of Anthony Straeger's 'Creating Success with your Submissions'. This booklet will assist you in getting the most out of your submissions. By applying the tips you will give yourself the best possible chance of success not only with the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest but also with other festivals.

Our festival represents the first genre-specific Sci-fi film festival in Germany. We are passionate about filmmaking and all things Sci-fi. Geek interest, documentary, web series, narrative, animation, music, experimental, fan-films. Berlin Sci-fi celebrates the 'Science Fiction Genre'. We care about its filmmakers those who seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where their imagination takes them.

You can submit in the following categories:

Best Feature (Min. 45 minutes) Award – NewBlueFX TotalFX 360 *
Best Drama Short (Max. 45 minutes) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Action Short (Max. 45 minutes) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Comedy Short (Max. 45 minutes) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Fan Film (Max. 50 minutes) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Animation (any length) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Experimental/Music (Max. 30 minutes) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Documentary/Factual (45 minutes) – Arc Studio Pro Award ***


Outstanding German Contribution – RED GIANT COMPLETE **
Outstanding Student Film Award – RED GIANT COMPLETE **
Grand Jury Award – NewBlueFX TotalFX 360 *
Outstanding Film Award – NewBlueFX TotalFX 360 *


Best Director – NewBlueFX TotalFX 360 *
Best Cinematography – NewBlueFX TotalFX 360 *
Best VFX – NewBlueFX TotalFX 360 *
Best Script – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Actor – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Actress – Arc Studio Pro Award ***
Best Original Score

TOTALFX 360 Unlocks over $4,200 worth of NewBlue video editing tools. 50+ Products. 177 Plugins. 1,500 Presets. Unlimited Possibilities with this 1-year subscription valued at $299.

RED GIANT COMPLETE gives you our Red Giant tools for filmmaking and motion graphics a 1-year subscription to the Red Giant Complete bundle is worth $600.

Has given 10 Annual subscriptions worth $99 per year to their professional features for screenwriters.

Has given a wonder 18ct Gold Plated U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from their hero collection as a specific award the German Female Filmmaker who has created an outstanding film that boldly goes in the space of independent filmmaking.

Sydney Science Fiction Festival Automatic Acceptance Award

All of the winners will receive the prestigious Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest 3D print award. If you are unable to attend the award it will be sent to you. But, you must pay the shipping costs.

Winners, Semi-finalists, Nominated and Selected Filmmakers can order a stylish CERTIFICATE from the Berlin Sci-fi website, these are sent as PDF.

These are the Terms & Conditions of Entry into Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (Known herein as the Festival).

1 - Films submitted must belong to the Sci-fi/fantasy genre. Films not belonging to the Sci-fi/fantasy genre will not be selected.

2 - We welcome films from any country in the world. If the film is in any language other than English, the film must have subtitles embedded.

3 - If selected, the submitter must provide the following within 30 days of notification:
• A non-watermarked film.
• Poster (Portrait).
• 3 x 16:9 images (2 from the film and a headshot).
• Log-line synopsis (no more than 20 words).
• Key cast (Only the lead actors, with their roles).
• Production year.

4 - We need a high-quality MOV file for selection into the XERB Virtual Theatre. If your film is selected for the CINEMA screening, we will need a DCP. If you do not have a DCP, we can assist you in getting one created.

5 - If you send a DCP, do so on a USB stick. Make sure you have a return P&P. Don not send it as business-to-business this will result in a high tax on imports. Send it as a personal gift. For more information, contact us at

6 - Regardless of where in the world you are from, under no circumstances do we give A FEE WAIVER. For STUDENTS, there is a student rate included in the submissions panel. If your film isn't science fiction - do not submit it!


1 - The submitter agrees that they are the owner and legal representative of the work. You are responsible for all copyright clearances and must have in place music, model/actor releases, distribution rights etc. If you need more information contact us.

2 - If you have a distribution deal or sales agent, we recommend that you consult them first. Get a 'letter of agreement' that allows you to submit to the Festival. Please consult all your partners before entering.

3 – The Festival is not liable for any infringement on copyright or ownership clearance issues.

4 - The Submitter accepts full responsibility for any breach of intellectual or trademark property.

5 - The submitter permits the Festival to use their film, trailers and marketing material for all promotional purposes.

6 - By submitting your film, you permit the Festival to screen the film royalty-free during the Festival, and it includes alternative venues and designated times. Under no circumstances do we pay a screening fee.

7 - You cannot withdraw your film once selected for the festival line-up.

8 - FAN FILMS: The Festival welcomes and accepts fan films. The filmmaker/submitter must have all permissions from the copyright holder, franchise holder or intellectual property owner.

9 - By submitting, the filmmaker agrees that they have read and understood the terms & conditions of entry.

10 - We reserve the right to change or otherwise alter these Terms & Conditions at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, amendments will become effective immediately.

11 – We have a standard GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Consult the website for details. If you have any questions about your data or our data protection policy go to: .

Please review these Terms and Conditions. They stand as of 01.01.2021.
You can also email us at

This Festival is self-funded and currently has no primary financial sponsorship partners. If your film is selected, we DO NOT provide accommodation or flights for you to attend the Festival. You will receive A SINGLE FULL FESTIVAL PASSES for the cinema and the virtual theatre. Discounted tickets for cast, crew, family and friends will be available.

If you wish to be involved in a Question and Answer or Panel Discussion, contact us within a reasonable time frame before the event.

Overall Rating
  • Alican Kuzu

    This is one of my favourite festivals. The vibe is like being reuinted with a long lost family. Watching science fiction films from inspired filmmakers is a unique experience. Should be bigger and more filmmakers should dare to scifi. This is what I think, when I'm sitting at Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest and watching these amazing Works.

    January 2022
  • Dicky Chalmers

    I was honoured that my short film ANGEL was selected for Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest in 2021, and overjoyed when it received nominations for two awards. So it was deeply frustrating to not be able to attend in person. Nonetheless, I had a great experience with this festival. Communication with the team was smooth, and the festival was very well-organised. And although I could not be there in person, I felt confident that my film was in safe hands, and being screened by a team who are passionate about sci-fi.

    December 2021
  • Damian Weber

    We loved Berlin Sci-Fi festival! The festival team is super nice and helpful. They have organised the festival as a whole Sci-fi-event with a lot of enthusiasm and love for details. It takes place in a beautiful and historical Cinema in Berlin Mitte.

    December 2021
  • Double Yellow Productions

    We had such a brilliant time being a part of Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest! The communication from day one was brilliant, we were always kept in the loop with what was happening and the assistance with any technical issues was always excellent and speedy. It was fantastic to visit Berlin and to receive such a wonderful trophy! It is a really lovely, friendly team who run the festival and we would thoroughly recommend it.

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Great to have filmmakers back at the festival. It creates an atmosphere and it is always so nice to meet people like yourselves with a passion for filmmaking. Thank you so much for joining us and being a big part of 2021.

  • A wonderful festival, great communication and organisation! I was so pleased I could attend an international festival for my short Venus during difficult times, and meet Antony and the team who are clearly passionate about sci-fi filmmaking.

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    It felt so good to be back live and that so many filmmakers like you put the effort into coming. PCR test, track and trace forms, it really is enough to put you off bothering. But you did and it was a joy to meet you.