Berlin Sci-fi filmfest offers a platform for filmmakers to present their work on the big screen to live audiences. We will be showcasing the best of its 2018 Science Fiction film entries from around the world in the heart of one of Europe's oldest and most widely now cities - Berlin. We are interested in a full range of films from geek interest, documentary, narrative, animation, experimental, fan films and more. We will celebrate the 'Science Fiction Genre', its filmmakers and all who seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before. Berlin Sci-fi offers a platform for filmmakers to present their work on the big screen to live audiences.

The second festival screenings will be on 16-17 November 2018 at Berlin's Babylon cinema in Berlin-Mitte.

You can submit in the following categories:

Best Feature (Min. 60 minutes)
Best Web/TV-series (Max. 50 minutes)
Best Fan Film (Max. 60 minutes)
Best Action Short (Max. 40 minutes)
Best Drama Short (Max. 40 minutes)
Best Animation
Best Comedy
Best Experimental/Music
Best VFX
Outstanding Film Award
Grand Jury Award

Best Actor (250$)
Best Actress (250$)

Best Director (250$)

All of the winners above will receive the BSFF award and runners-up will receive a BSFF certificate, which will be sent as PDF.

Additional PDF Certificated awards will be given for winners in the following categories:

Best Story
Best Cinematography
Best Trailer
Outstanding German Contribution

Plus: The Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival Short Film Automatic Acceptance

Terms & Conditions of Entry

BerIin Sci-fi FiImfest

1. Films submitted must belong to the Sci-fi genre.
2. Films not belonging to the Sci-fi genre will not be taken into consideration.
3. Films from all over the world are welcome to enter, however, if the film is in a language other than English, it must be submitted with embedded English subtitles.
4. The submitter must complete all the relevant information including: a non-watermarked film, a poster, a log line synopsis (one sentence only), credits with cast and role included, production year etc.
5. By submitting (and in the event the film is selected) it is agreed that you will supply us with all the material we require, e.g. the film, all film credit information, 1 Poster or 2 Production stills - Within 15 working days of notification.
6. All submissions are preferred as a DCP files or digital upload/download .MOV. For Vimeo users: ensure the film is of the best possible quality and that we are able to download it.
If you would prefer to send us a hard drive, please contact us at
7. Secondary category:
• Films must be submitted to a primary genre first, before submitting to a secondary category.
• The secondary category must be specified, or it may be disqualified.
• Films submitted into the secondary category only will be rejected.

1. The submitter agrees that they are the owner of the work or is the legal representative of the work. You are responsible for all copyright clearances, including music, model/actor releases, distribution rights etc.
2. Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest cannot be held liable for any infringement on copyright and/or ownership clearance issues.
3. The filmmaker/submitter accepts full responsibility for any breach of intellectual or trademark property.
4. By submitting, you give Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest permission to use the film and/or trailers and/or any other marketing materials you supply to us for any promotional purposes for the festival.
5. By submitting, you give Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest permission to screen the film royalty-free during the festival at the designated venue(s).
6. Once a film is officially accepted into the festival, it can no longer be withdraw from the festival line-up or the festival’s ongoing program.
7. FAN FILMS: Are accepted and welcomed into the event, and the filmmaker hereby agrees:
• He has obtained all permissions from the copyright holder and/or the franchise holder and/or the intellectual property owner to create his homage film.
8. By submitting, the filmmakers agrees he has read and understood these terms & conditions of entry.
9. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, amendments will become effective immediately. Please review these Terms and Conditions periodically. Current stand: 22.09.2018

If you have a distribution deal or sales agent, we advise that you consult them and obtain a letter of agreement allowing you to submit to Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest. Please consult all of your partners prior to entering.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):
For more information on our data protection policy visit or email us at should you have any specific questions regarding your data at Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest.

PLEASE NOTE: If your film is accepted, we do not provide accommodation or flights for you to attend the festival. You will receive a festival pass and the opportunity to hold/take part in a Question and Answer and/or a Panel Discussion with the viewing public should you wish to do so. In which case, please contact us with your ideas within a reasonable timeframe prior to the event, so we can schedule accordingly.

To help you with your submission have a look at this article:

Overall Rating

    Thank you, BSFF. We were so happy to see you at Babylon. CHIHARU KIMURA, the main actress of our short movie “Rococo Neuron", won the Best Actress for your filmfest. After the award ceremony, I returned to the hotel in Berlin and I sent her an email to Japan. She was taken by surprise and was very happy, when she heard about the good news. I would like to thank the BSFF team from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much.

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Wataru for the kind words and the award to Chiharu was very well deserved. Thank you for taking the time to join us.

  • Devi Snively

    I knew from the moment these guys reached out to let us know we got in that we had to attend this one -- and I'm so glad we did. You would never guess this was their first year. They were so organized and programming was excellent and eclectic in the best possible way -- with a variety of takes on Sci-fi and not just a bunch of movies about space aliens. Everybody was so accommodating and friendly that in between films we had a hard time leaving the lobby for all the great discussions going on. Oh, and attendance was impressive, especially for a first year. Many shows sold out and all had good sized audiences. The venue was perfect. A lovely historic cinema, centrally located with great sound and picture quality. Such a fun group of people with a nice international crowd of filmmakers and attendees. By all means go if you are lucky enough to get in!

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Well we are blown away, by your review. We worked hard to make our first year a success and thanks to people and productions like yours in made the whole process a joy. Thank you Devi for let us and our audience discover 'Bride of Frankie'. We sincerely hope to see you again.

  • J.L. Wolfenstein

    Good luck with everything, wish we could be there.

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for being a part of what has been a great first year festival. The Departure is an excellent short with a good twist/resolution at the end. Wish you look and hope to see you next time at BSFF.

  • Mark Largent

    The festival runners were quick in their responses and made the whole experience a great one. Only wish I could have been there in person.

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    You were missed... especially as you won Best Fan Film. The award is on it's way and hope you enjoy the 3D printing of the Fernsehen Turm Berlin. Thank you for submitting and being a great part of the festival.

  • Oliver Theurich

    We had an incredible time at Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest!
    The staff and admin were extremely well organized and friendly. Thanks to Alexander Pfander (FESTIVAL DIRECTOR)!
    The screening of our film (REWINDER) was amazing.
    Can't wait until next year!

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Oliver for the kind words and well done with Rewind. We were really pleased to have you as part of the program and YES, join us again next year.