Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest offers a platform for Independent Sci-fi Filmmakers to present their work on the big screen, to live audiences in one of the most beautiful cinemas in Berlin. As we grow we will look to expand the horizons of the festival to make it more interesting, more international and more filmmaker friendly. In the last two years we have shown over 200 films from over 30 different countries. Our festival was the first Sci-fi festival in Germany and our event takes place at the World famous Cinema Babylon in Berlin. We are passionate about film making and are interested in a all things Sci-fi from geek interest, documentary, narrative, animation, experimental, fan-films and more. We are all about celebrating the 'Science Fiction Genre', its filmmakers and all who seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no-one has gone before.

You can submit in the following categories:
Best Feature (Min. 60 minutes)
Best Drama Short (Max. 40 minutes)
Best Action Short (Max. 40 minutes)
Best Comedy Short (Max. 40 minutes)
Best Web/TV-series (Max. 50 minutes)
Best Fan Film (Max. 60 minutes)
Best Animation Short (Max. 40 minutes)
Best Experimental/Music (Max. 30 minutes)
Best Documentary (any length)

Outstanding German Contribution
Outstanding Film Award
Grand Jury Award

There are additional awards for:
Best Director
Best VFX
Best Cinematography
Best Script
Best Actor
Best Actress

All of the winners will receive the prestigious Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest 3D print award regardless of attendance.

Winners, runners-up and semi-finalists can order Certificate from the Berlin Sci-fi website, this will be sent as PDF.

Terms & Conditions of Entry

BerIin Sci-fi FiImfest

1. Films submitted must belong to the Sci-fi genre.
2. Films not belonging to the Sci-fi genre will not be taken into consideration.
3. Films from all over the world are welcome to enter, however, if the film is in a language other than English, it must be submitted with embedded English subtitles.
4. The submitter must complete all the relevant information including: a non-watermarked film, a poster, a log line synopsis (one sentence only), credits with cast and role included, production year etc.
5. By submitting (and in the event the film is selected) it is agreed that you will supply us with all the material we require, e.g. the film, all film credit information, 1 Poster or 2 Production stills - Within 15 working days of notification.
6. All submissions are preferred as a DCP files or digital upload/download .MOV. For Vimeo users: ensure the film is of the best possible quality and that we are able to download it.
If you would prefer to send us a hard drive, please contact us at
7. Secondary category:
• Films must be submitted to a primary genre first, before submitting to a secondary category.
• The secondary category must be specified, or it may be disqualified.
• Films submitted into the secondary category only will be rejected.

1. The submitter agrees that they are the owner of the work or is the legal representative of the work. You are responsible for all copyright clearances, including music, model/actor releases, distribution rights etc.
2. Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest cannot be held liable for any infringement on copyright and/or ownership clearance issues.
3. The filmmaker/submitter accepts full responsibility for any breach of intellectual or trademark property.
4. By submitting, you give Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest permission to use the film and/or trailers and/or any other marketing materials you supply to us for any promotional purposes for the festival.
5. By submitting, you give Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest permission to screen the film royalty-free during the festival at the designated venue(s).
6. Once a film is officially accepted into the festival, it can no longer be withdraw from the festival line-up or the festival’s ongoing program.
7. FAN FILMS: Are accepted and welcomed into the event, and the filmmaker hereby agrees:
• He has obtained all permissions from the copyright holder and/or the franchise holder and/or the intellectual property owner to create his homage film.
8. By submitting, the filmmakers agrees he has read and understood these terms & conditions of entry.
9. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, amendments will become effective immediately. Please review these Terms and Conditions periodically. Current stand: 22.09.2018

If you have a distribution deal or sales agent, we advise that you consult them and obtain a letter of agreement allowing you to submit to Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest. Please consult all of your partners prior to entering.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):
For more information on our data protection policy visit or email us at should you have any specific questions regarding your data at Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest.

PLEASE NOTE: If your film is accepted, we do not provide accommodation or flights for you to attend the festival. You will receive a festival pass and the opportunity to hold/take part in a Question and Answer and/or a Panel Discussion with the viewing public should you wish to do so. In which case, please contact us with your ideas within a reasonable time frame prior to the event, so we can schedule accordingly.

To help you with your submission have a look at this article:

Overall Rating
  • David Parrella

    The Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest was a blast! I had the pleasure of taking part in a panel, and seeing my film play at the wonderful and historic Babylon in the heart of Berlin. The programmers were very kind and helpful, and I hope to return in the future as they grow over the years!

    January 2019
    Response from festival:

    Hi David, What can we say, it was great to have your presence and contribution. Thank you for joining us in Berlin and very much look forward to seeing you again in the future.

  • Surhay Kilic

    We were very happy that our film got screened at this festival. The festival staff and everybody involved was very friendly and helpful. Thanks to all!

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for submitting Somnium and as always, we are amazed at the standards of animation. Thank you for being a big part of this years festival.

  • This film festival has been an enjoyable and exciting experience. I'm very thankful to have had the honour and recognition to have been nominated for best fan film. And because of the many other great films that I've seen at the festival, I came home with good energy and inspiration.

    The organizers are friendly and enthusiastic, and make you want to come back next year - whether or not you will be participating. They make an informal yet professional atmosphere, in which you get to know talented individuals and enjoy a variety of many science fiction films.

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Joshua, first of all it was a great pleasure to have met you and we are really glad that the festival was inspirational for you. Keeping going sometimes is very hard and we all need something to that tells us - Yes you can do it and can keep going. The path of the greys was a very good fan film and we were pleased that you submitted it. I hope if not at the festival to meet up again somewhere in the not too distant future. Thanks.

  • Miceal O'Donnell

    Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to the festival, but leading up to the festival, they were very communicative. They responded quickly, and were both clear and friendly. I have also seen a movie at the Babylon before, where the festival is hosted, and it was a great theater. I would submit to this festival again, and try to prep better so that I could attend if we got in again.

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    We felt that Blue Light was very well thought out and a great series, We're very pleased you submitted and it would have been great to have a Q&A about this series. We sincerely hope you will submit again and it would be a great pleasure to have you back at the Babylon.

  • Joseph White

    Proud for Subverse to be part of this festival. Wish we could've traveled from NY to make the screening and meet the organizers as they seemed really kind and helpful. Hopefully next year!

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    Subverse is an exciting concept, paced well and compelling. It was a great pleasure to have the series in the festival and I can tell you that the response was fabulous. Thanks for submitting Joseph and hope to meet you in person sometime.