Welcome to the VOD platform of Berlin Revolution Film Festival!

Our VoD Platform is called Illambra.
– Unknown Gems from the Deep.

The cost to submit is zero and we invite films continuously over the year.

Currently we are accepting Feature films both Narrative Fiction and Documentaries with straight storytelling as well as really experimental methods. We also have a keen eye and warm heart for Mockumentaries.

We're looking for films that in content, storytelling and visual language goes beyond the noise of current streams – simply put "unknown gems from the deep".

It may be a Comedy Mockumentary or a Mythic Journey, since the cost to submit is zero we encourage you to submit your film and also to not take it harsh if we choose not to invite it. In the end the deciding factor is the personal taste of us which is nothing else than the style, type of films and – equally important – amount of content we can host.

Apart from our VoD Platform we host regular Live Streams over the year featuring content on the site. We did this the first time 2020 with Berlin Revolution Film Festival during covid-19 times and it was a giant success with more than 10k viewers over the weekend. Live streams are a way to welcome new film makers to the platform. Audience gets a face to the people behind the film and an opportunity to connect with them. It's a form of qualitative event that other VoD Platforms don't do (yet) and something we're proud to have established at an early stage.

In April we will do a live event** in Berlin as part of the Berlin Revolution Film Festival. We pay for accommodation for everyone to make it easier for to visit us. This will be a festival where we can both promote films towards local Berlin film fans and media as well as a fest for all film makers with material on the site to meet up.
**Due to Covid-19 this event will be a live online event on Twitch.

Even though our core is a VoD platform we think that the biggest strength we have against giant players such as Netflix and HBO is community between the film makers with material on the platform and an actual relation with audience through Live streams and Psychical events.


About the Platform
We offer users to both subscribe and pay-per-view which allows them to move freely within the library or to only purchase specific titles if they choose. For film makers it's a straight forward 50/50 split with non binding agreements. More info in "Rules & Terms".

The name Illambra comes from the highly valued Grey Amber (Swedish name ambra), a rare substance found in some of the bowels of sick sperm whales, used as ingredient in perfume for a long time. It is inspired from the novel Moby Dick, the mythic and luring story of the white whale by Herman Melville.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions : support@illambra.com

Please take a moment to read our Rules & Terms before submitting!

- The sender of the submitted film is responsible for all copyrights. The applicant is legally authorized to enter the film and, if selected for the VoD Platform, authorized to do so.

-The applicant has secured all necessary rights for both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights, including but not limited to music, images, and content.

If film(s) is/are selected for illambra the submitter will receive an invitation along with a agreement of terms. Below follows the key features of what the terms in the agreement are, the detailed version will be provided upon invitation. If selected for the VoD Platform the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the film will be invited to be hosted at the Pay-per-View and Subscription based VoD platform ILLAMBRA and that he/she is positive to the terms of the agreement stated below.

- Film can be available at any other platform for any other price (including Vimeo/Youtube for free).

- The subscription revenue is split 50/50 between Illambra and the licensors providing films using a point system where every rights holder gets an equal part rather than a time view based system (which favors popularity).

-The one-time purchase of VOD is split 50/50 between each rights holder and Illambra. This allows film makers to promote Film makers their own film(s) if they choose knowing that 50% of the revenue goes straight to them.

- The agreement is non-binding, non-exclusive and can be terminated at any time by both parts.

-The film remains the property of the author.