Berlin Motion Picture Festival is an annual international event dedicated to independent filmmakers.
Located in the city centre of Berlin, every year we host an amazing event at IL KINO, a truly cultural and indie cinema that breathes and lives for short films.
The film industry today is largely monopoly-based and dependent on large scale budgets for productions to succeed. However, this festival aims to provide a place for those who don't have a massive budget at their hands but nevertheless an important story to tell. Berlin Motion Picture Festival at Il Kino cinema serves as a hub for independent filmmakers from all over the world, an event where they can come together and share their work with eachother.

Akin to our mission of providing a platform for indie filmmakers, we are able to provide an affordable solution catered to advance the cause of independent filmmaking. Therefore all submissions are priced at $10-$30.

We will be awarding films in a number of categories, which our Jury will carefully evaluate to their best degree. We welcome submissions of all genres and lengths!

We will be hosting 4 types of category awards:
1. Film Awards
2. Music Awards
3. Script Awards
4. Photography Awards

Films selected for screening will be notified on the 18th November 2018.

Awards ceremony, entertainment and Networking event will take place following the screenings!

1. All films must be subtitled in English.

2. All films must be completed after 2010.

3. All films must have cleared or licensed copyright materials.

4. We are not held responsible for the content of your submissions.

5. By submitting a project to us you agree to our terms and conditions and to receive email marketing about film festivals and discounts. You information is safe with us, we never share it with third parties.

6. You grant us permission to post your trailer on our social media platforms.

7. We are unfortunately not able to provide refunds.