We create stories that instill emotion in our audience.
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The creativity and drive of Fatt Sunnie Studios started with youth and passion. Youthful passion for the love of multimedia production and a drive to learn more, design more, develop into more. Through multiple learning opportunities and professional education, the evolution of Fatt Sunnie Studios continues...
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May 22, 1997
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6' 1"
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1. Ben Viergutz was on ESPN when he was only 1 year old
2. Ben received his first drum set at the age of two.
3. Ben started playing the piano at the age of 6.
4. Ben started writing music at the age of 8
5. Ben created his first single at the age of 15
6. Ben was first in a band room at five days old and has been in and out of one ever since.
7. Ben has been attending concerts of multiple genres since he was in the womb and multiple times a year ever since birth.
8. Ben comes from a musical family. His dad was in band, DCI, a rock band and was a band teacher for 37 years. His mom taught herself how to play piano just from being told where middle C was. All three of Ben’s sisters have been in band and choir.
9. Ben was in band from 5th grade all the way through college. He also played in jazz band junior high through high school.
10. Ben was also in marching band and competed in field marching competitions
11. Ben has caught two home run balls at the college world series. Has a baseball he caught at the original Yankee Stadium and he almost caught a grand slam ball at a twins vs. brewers game.
12. Ben has had a creative passion for music and video ever since he was a little boy. This is apparent in his music and video creations all throughout grade school, junior high, high school and in through college.
13. Ben has a love for animals. He adopted his first dog at the age of 10. Ben adopted this dog from a local animal shelter. His name was galaxy and his previous owner abused him. When he was adopted galaxy was 2 years old and he lived to be 17 before passing away. Others tried to adopt galaxy but ended up returning him because he would run away constantly. If Ben would’ve returned him he would’ve been put down due to length of time at the shelter. When Ben first met Galaxy, Galaxy was so far back in his kennel, in fear, that if Galaxy could’ve been a part of the back wall to hide he would’ve. After years of love and care and going after Galaxy every time he ran away, Galaxy developed a wonderful and amazing personality and his trust for humans grew greatly. Ben will be rescuing an animal again.
14. Ben was an Uncle at 6 weeks old.
15. Ben loves all genres of music. Country is his least favorite genre but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a few favorite country songs.
16. If Ben had a choice he would listen to Hip-Hop/Rap, Classic Rock, Cinematic Scores or Symphonies
17. Ben’s favorite movie at the time of writing this is the 2019 JOKER
18. Ben’s all-time favorite TV show is the entire Stargate Series (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe and the movies)
19. A few of Ben’s favorite TV series are Stargate, The Office U.S., The Arrow, Parks and Recreation, How I met Your Mother, Rick and Morty, Criminal Minds, Numbers, Gotham, and Once Upon a Time.
20. Ben’s name was on the center field scoreboard in between innings at a Yankees vs Red Sox game.
21. Ben is an Eagle Scout
22. Ben was a part of Civil Air Patrol
23. Ben’s Eagle Scout Project was renovating a Native American Medicine Wheel at Niobrara State Park. While he was there, he attended a Ponce Pow Wow.
24. Ben has stayed in a cabin at Niobrara State Park once a year, every year, for his entire life.
25. Ben had a pop and snack machine business at 10 years old.
26. Ben loves doughnut holes, burgers, steak and bacon
27. Ben was a big fan of Halloween. When he was younger, he once dressed as an IRS Agent to scare the adults.
28. Ben was really good at skiing when he was 7.
29. Ben’s grandma taught Tom Osborne in second grade.
30. Ben is a fan of the Nebraska Huskers, Green Bay Packers, and New York Yankees.
“I want to go and write music that announces to you that you can feel something. I don’t want to tell you what to feel, but I just want you to have the possibility of feeling something.” -Hans Zimmer
We create stories that instill emotion in our audience.
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