Belle De Nuit

Coming out of a period of post-break-up depression, Diego tries to reconnect with Alex, his ex-girlfriend, in hopes of rekindling their lost love.

  • David Barbeschi (screenplay by)
    Pawns (2017), White Crow (2018), The Big Short (2021)
  • Maurice Kadamani (story by)
    Bunchie (2019 - 2021)
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Romance, Drama
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Writer Biography - David Barbeschi (screenplay by), Maurice Kadamani (story by)

Maurice Kadamani is an Australian actor and producer, and the mind behind the Australian limited comedy web-series "Bunchie" (2019). After starting his production company, Every Picture Films, he has now begun production on a variety of projects, from a feature adaptation of "Bunchie" to many drama and romance short films.

David Barbeschi is an Italian filmmaker with a solid track record of producing and writing award-winning fiction projects. Currently based in Los Angeles, his writing credits include the globally-praised short film "PAWNS" (2017), and "The Big Rant" (2021), a feature film which he co-produced.

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Writer Statement

When writing "Belle de Nuit", one of the challenges was the fact that the story is based on true events. So it was difficult to encompass the entirety of a relationship in a 20+ minutes short. And it's not an easy relationship at that.
It's the second attempt at having a relationship... and the truth is, it fails this second time too. And neither party is at fault. In both cases, this failure in love was due to Diego and Alex not being on the same wavelength.

Maurice and I had similar experiences in this area, and had to remind each other that we were not telling this story to vilify either of the characters, and an even greater challenge was choosing which personal, real-life events to exclude from this story, for the sake of not treating any one character too unfairly.

The presence of social media is very strong in "Belle de Nuit", invasive almost. The lack of reply from Alex is what makes Diego feel he never got any closure, represented by the word "Seen" at the bottom of the chat. On social media, "Seen" is an abrupt end to a conversation, it symbolizes lack of care or interest.
The whole point of Diego's conflict is that he was left hanging; from his perspective, Alex merely 'saw' his message and never bothered to give a response, and by extension, give him closure and the permission to move on.
So he clung to this image he had of her, and improved on himself so he could be worthy of her... and once they give their relationship a second shot, though painful, he finally gets the closure he was searching for... or does he?

- David Barbeschi