Born in 1983 as "Anteprima for Italian Independent Cinema", Bellaria Film Festival boasts a prestigious history: in 38 years, many important scholars, critics and curators have directed the Festival: from Morando Morandini to Gianni Volpi, Marco Bellocchio, Enrico Ghezzi, etc.
It is one of the most authoritative Film events in Italy, also thanks to the participation of talents such as Paolo Sorrentino, Matteo Garrone, Gianfranco Rosi, Pietro Marcello, Silvio Soldini, Daniele Segre, Ciprì and Maresco, Roberta Torre and many others.
The recent affirmation of the documentary as a genre and the increase in events dedicated to it, shows that the direction taken by Bellaria Film Festival represents a clear trend of the contemporary.

2020's edition is, once again, dedicated to Art. IX of the Italian Constitution, with the aim of enhancing and protecting historical, artistic, cultural, environmental heritage and promoting the knowledge of all cultures through the use of multiple arts and languages: from music, to theatre and, of course, cinema.

Bellaria Film Festival in structured into two main competitions:

a. the competition is open to films produced after January 1, 2019
b. films may be unreleased, already presented in other festivals or distributed in cinemas,
c. minimum duration is 20 minutes. Films must not exceed 60 minutes (including titles) duration.
d. all Citizens from the 27 states of the European Union can participate.
e. films may be the result of international co-productions, national and international premieres.
f. Italian documentaries must be subtitled in English.
g. foreign-language docs must contain appropriate Italian subtitles.

a. the competition is open to film makers who are under 30 at the time of submitting the application.
b. Unpublished films, presented in other festivals or distributed in cinemas, of a minimum duration of c. minimum duration is 20 minutes. Films must not exceed 60 minutes (including titles) duration.
d. all citizens under 30 from the 27 states of the European Union can participate.
e. films may be the result of international co-productions, world, European or national premieres.
f. Italian docs must be subtitled in English.
g. foreign-language documentaries must contain appropriate Italian subtitles.


The winner of Bei Doc competition will receive a prize of € 3,0000.00 + plaque, while the winner of the Bei Young Doc competition will receive a prize of € 1,000.00 + plaque.

* “Luis Bacalov” AWARD
The jury will reward a prize of € 500.00 + plaque to the film with the best soundtrack.
The work will be voted directly by the audience; consequently it is not possible to register your documentary for this award.

* "Equal Opportunities" special mention
In order to promote knowledge and awareness on equal opportunities and / or diversity issues, in 2019 the art direction introduced the mention for "equal opportunities", dedicated to those films that place the emphasis on social issues related to, for instance, gender or disabilities.

All the rewards will be validated during the award ceremony only with the presence of at least one representative of the film.
The Festival Direction has the right to cancel, vary, integrate prizes and mentions.

Films will be evaluated on the basis of their inherence and their ability to visualize the following principles of fundamental importance for our society:

• Culture promotion;
• Historical and Artistic heritage enhancement;
• scientific research and technological innovation;
• protection and respect for the environment.

Each author will be asked to justify in the registration form the relevance of the documentary to the aforementioned principles.

Annex A
To complete the registration, it is necessary to fill in and send the registration form available on the Festival webite:
Please fill in the form and send to the following e-mail address:

Application will be open from Wednesday 08th April 2020 to Saturday 9th May.
To apply, each author must upload the entire film and the following additional information:
1) Film detailed technical info-sheet;
2) Film synopsis;
3) directors note;
4) filmography;
5) two images of the film in high quality;
6) a photograph of the director (in 300 dpi jpeg format);
7) trailer / short excerpt of the film (uploaded directly on FilmFreeway, or sent via link)

It is possible to load the material by following the instructions provided by the platform. In case of difficulty, please contact the Festival secretariat:


The selection is an exclusive competence of the Artistic Direction, which will appoint a jury, made up of representatives of the artistic and academic world, whose decision is irrevocable.
The authors will be informed of the selection outcomes starting from 30 June 2020.


It is a condition sine qua, under penalty of exclusion from the competition, that at least one member of the cast (producer, director/actor), attend the Festival on the screening day.
On this occasion, the Festival offers hospitality for only a member of the cast.
Travel costs and any days of staying at the Festival are in charge of the applicants.
In case the applicant wins one the competitions, at least one member of the cast is required to attend the award ceremony, which will be held on Sunday 27th September, at Astra Theatre in Bellaria Igea Marina.
Considering that the Jury meets once the screenings have been completed, it will not be possible to inform the applicants before Sun. 27th September, 12:00 am.

To allow public screening, the Festival secretariat will contact the selected authors in order to provide all information to send the film. A mpg4-h264 file with a bit rate of not less than 8.000kb / sec is required.
The Festival Direction will take care of the Festival calendar and will share the screening schedule with the authors and will take care of the publication of the Festival’s catalogue.
The author / producer / actor present in the room at the time of the screening must make himself available to participate in a Q&A session of a 10 minutes max.


The Archive of Italian Independent Cinema is located at the Municipal Library "Alfredo Panzini" in Bellaria Igea Marina.
Unless otherwise expressed at the same time as registration, by participating in the competition, the author authorizes the conservation and archive of the selected work and authorizes its use for cultural, educational, promotional activities and dissemination or, in any case, for non-commercial purposes.
The secretariat will inform the rightholders of any event promoted by the Municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina, or in collaboration with the Festival and its network.


By participating in the competition, the author authorizes the processing of personal data contained in the works and in the complementary material (law 675/96) and to use fragments of the films both in Italy and abroad, for promotional and information purposes ( without exceeding, in any case, 10% of the film duration).

This regulation is drafted in Italian and English: both versions are available on the Festival official website: WWW.BELLARIAFILMFESTIVAL.ORG.
The application implies full acceptance of the conditions set out in the Regulation.
The Festival Direction has the right to suspend or modify the event if necessary.
For any controversy, the Court of Bologna is competent.

Overall Rating
  • Ottimo festival. Complimenti a tutto lo staff!

    November 2020
  • Roberto Lo Monaco

    It was a honor to participate at the 38th edition of the Bellaria Film Festival. Historic festival in a historic location. I hope to be able to participate in the next editions as well.

    October 2020
  • stefano ceccarelli

    Il Festival di Bellaria è un ottimo festival con un'ottima qualità dei lavori selezionati. L'ospitalità è stata super ed anche la comunicazione precisa e puntuale. Molto bene.

    October 2020
  • Chris Neilan

    Brilliantly executed and welcoming festival, even amid the Covid19 pressures. Kind, communicative, welcoming people and a truly creative and supportive atmosphere, bringing quality documentary work to a receptive audience. Highly recommend.

    October 2020