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Belda's Islands (animated series pilot)

An animated family/teen oriented series about a girl named Belda, who's family is kidnapped by Pirates, as she and her pet monkey, named Carol, adventure into the uncharted and dangerous, 1800s Caribbean ... in hopes of finding her family.

Belda is about to be sacrificed on rock by natives on a Caribbean Island, owned by an evil Queen Ghost, as rent, so the natives can remain tenants on the Island. When the Queen rejects their sacrifice, Belda and her pet monkey Carol are expelled. They must leave the Island immediately and can't ever return, facing death if they do.

Belda and Carol are set adrift into the unknown and dangerous waters of the Caribbean with few provisions. After a month adrift at sea, a ship's crew mate from the ship's crow's nest, spots Belda's drifting boat and they set out to rescue her and Carol. They look more like Pirates then like the merchant ship traders they are, carrying trading goods from England.

The Captain welcomes Belda and Carol aboard as they set sail for their first port of trade.The crew mate in the crow's nest, spots a ship wreck yard in the middle of the Ocean. Belda has special skills and powers and dives into the water to help guide the ship safely through the reefs and other wrecked ships.

While under water, she discovers one of the sunken ships could be one belonging to the Pirates that kidnapped her family. In every episode Belda meets new and interesting characters, getting clues along the way to the whereabouts of her family she may ... or may not ever find.

  • Rick Eager
    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Castle (w/known talent attached) | Love Street Detour | Rari
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Finalist: Sunset Film Festival 2019
  • Finalist: First 10 Pages 2020
  • Finalist: Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival 2020
Writer Biography - Rick Eager

A little about myself…

* I am an IMDb accredited Actor, Writer and Producer with 20+ years experience under my belt. Please see my IMDb page (link below) for a couple projects listed in current production.

* I am also in production of a new auto related youtube series and in pre-production of another auto related series in search of a distributor, both not yet listed on IMDb.

* 2019 has brought me a Finalist win at Sunset Film Festival for my screenplay, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Castle

* 2020 has brought me a Finalist Laurel Award at The First 10 Pages Script Competition for my screenplay, My Christmas Caryl

* 2020 Has brought me another Finalist Laurel Award at Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival for my screenplay, Gold Cadillac... An American Anthology

* 2020 Has brought me another Semi-Finalist (so far) win at Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards for my screenplay, Jacked In South Central|BLM

* 2020 Has brought me a Second Rounder win at Austin Film Festival for my screenplay, A Palm Beach Ending.

* 2021 Has brought me a Quarter Finalist win at Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards for my screenplay, Str8. Man Married. ⚣ Deport-Staying!

* I have experience at working with producers on rewrites, budgets, attaching talent, making Lookbooks for Investors and location scouting. I'm very quick and professional with my writing and rewrites.

* I'm currently working on writing & filming my (not yet listed on IMDb) semi-scripted, reality series, which I wrote, host and produce called, Hidden Man Caves

My IMDb page...

* The short film Rari which I wrote, acted in, and helped produce was intended for the film festival circuit when those involved in the project got anxious, posting the film on youtube, and other social media, killing any chance of set premieres my manager had preset at film festivals.

The short film can be seen here...

* This script is a selection from my 17 script/project catalog.

"Every GREAT Film Begins With A GOOD Script"

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