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Behind Locked Doors

After a callous handyman is involuntarily locked in a psychiatric hospital, his only escape is through spirited relationships with haunted patients and in using imagination to resurrect lost souls, including his own, on Day of the Dead.

  • Brandon L. Brawner
    Adolescents of Chymera
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    United States
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  • Brandon Brawner
    CA Independent Film and Video Festival
    February 28, 2000
    Best Feature Film, Best Feature Screenplay
  • California Independent Film and Video Festival
    Livermore, CA
    March 15, 2000
    Best Feature, Best Director
Writer Biography - Brandon L. Brawner

A writer and director (with a feature streaming on Prime Video: Adolescents of Chymera), and psychologist.

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Writer Statement

Though fictional, the script was inspired by the writer's dozen years working in psychiatric hospitals.