Begum Malkoclar is a Turkish artist currently living and working in London. Her work focuses on investigating the intrinsic link between reality and fiction, alluding to the dynamic nature of memory itself which changes and shifts as time and setting change. By attempting to understand her cultural background, she takes a step backwards and examines reflections of memories in a humanistic and tender manner. She is interested in the particularity of the memories as they comes from our very subjective point of view and provide us with the material for communication and the necessary tools to create meanings out of the world. Through her art practice, Begum navigates fundamental themes surrounding identity, existence, family, generational differences, and time. To bridge the past with present, she employs a variety of media, including analog and digital film, hand-drawn and digitally-drawn illustrations, collages, and writing. Begum maintains a playful, child-like disposition in her art, where fiction and non-fiction are intricately woven together, culminating in a theatrical restaging of moments. As a contemporary artist, Begum actively strives to preserve the past and all of its meanings while also allowing for a malleability and acceptance of new interpretations over time.
  • Director (1 Credit)
    the reason for all I.L.Y2023
    Documentary, Experimental
Pratt Institute NYC
BA Film
Royal College of Arts London
MA Contemporary Art Practice
Birth Date
February 3, 1999
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