Transition to a new movement in beauty.

Announcing the most innovative digital beauty industry awards. The Beauty in Motion Awards is an online global competition that will feature editorial videos from the best in professional beauty to showcase their creativity. The awards will be judged by some of the top industry artists, photographers, and beauty pros in the world.

Bring your images to life. Re-imagine your favorite editorial image in a creative movement format. The Beauty in Motion Awards will showcase under 30-second beauty video clips or animations. Come up with a creative way to animate your image or create editorial footage with movement. Take your images to the next level!

Get your work noticed globally by some of the best industry leaders and brands. Recieve digital education from the category sponsors. Get featured in Beauty Hub Magazine, and be the best in the digital beauty world.

1. Read and understand the rules and select your category.
2. Create your images and videos into motion works of art. Make sure you follow the requirements of the category/s that you are entering.
3. Set up your account here on Film Freeway.
4. Fill out and email the RELEASE FORM.
5. Pay the entry fee here on Film Freeway.

Under: Beauty In Motion Awards tab or click on website tab on the left of this page.