Beau M Headrick is an online animator, using software such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects to create his vision. He is currently attending college in South Dakota, Dakota State University, and is enrolled for a bachelor's degree in Production Animation. Entwinning his love for audio storytelling and visual storytelling, Beau primarily focuses on combining both the audio and visual aspects to enhance the viewers connection and experience with the media he creates.
Beau Has created 3 online shorts, all while attending college. Each one takes heavy inspiration from the sound design, the first animation being completely designed in the audio department by himself. This lends to a symbiosis when viewing the content, as no part of the production is an afterthought, rather making each area the strongest it can be.
Currently, Beau plans on working at an animation studio after college, and continues to build an expansive portfolio. He currently lives in Madison, South Dakota, and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.
Dakota State University
Production Animation
Birth Date
January 20, 2003
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