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Baya et Picasso : the second encounter

BAYA MAHIEDDINE ( Algeria ) and PABLO PICASSO ( spain ) two famous artists that had the first encounter in 1949 in Paris and they started to work together on new exhibition project . Till this date, baya and picasso became close friends . Baya and Picasso were sensitive artists, in their paintings we always find people's suffering, joy, life, death. Baya died in 1998 and Picasso died in 1973.
" Baya and Picasso : the second encounter" is a documentary short film telling a story of 4 kids ( Chanez, Ilyes, Maya and Samuel ) that lived the experience of an artistic art resisdency , in Algiers , curated by two artists Khireddine and Kaouther . The art residency had a topic of friendship between two famous artist BAYA MAHIEDDINE and PABLO PICASSO and kids tried to imagine that the two artists lived with us corona pendemia . Through their reflexions, Chanez, Ilyes , Maya and Samuel tried to answer the question : and if baya and picasso
met for the second time during the corona pandemic ...

  • khireddine khaldoun
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    Baya et PIcasso : la (Re) Rencontre
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    21 minutes 17 seconds
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Director Biography - khireddine khaldoun

I was born in the heart of the white city,Algiers, along with my passion for the arts. Conceptual artist, I remain sensitive to all forms of expression. The people and Algiers are my inspirations. I walk, I pace and I dream every day in the streets of my city, I draw inspiration from them and I nourish my works from them. I see life everywhere: in the static and in the dynamic.
2006 was pivotal! I change jobs and my story with Image begins. Today, I make images and I reveal myself through them, beyond being a job, director has become a new passion.
My desire for art that animates images also wanted to freeze them in time, because in a society where everything moves quickly, it is important to know how to stop and contemplate and challenge. Through my photographs I captivate, through my reinterpretation sculptures and through my installations I question fragments of life.
I participed to serveral festivals, art exhibitions, workshops and art résidencies . I use different mediums in my work : photography, video, sculpture, installations .
ENCYCLIA, was my first artistic short displayed in differents film and video international festivals :
- Festival septs jours du septième art - Guinée
- IBRIDA Festival - Italy
- Tryo danse festival - Lebanon
- Mesopotamia Short film festival - Netherlands
- International video art festival - Albania
- Performance art show festival - Brasil
- Impro dance festival - Turkey
- Coctlito Videodanza festival - Mexico
- Tres court festival - Egypt

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