Battle for Eden 1: Accept Your Destiny

Charlie returns to New York City for her Sophomore year in college. Very quickly, she finds herself fighting for her life and soul, and for ours. What starts out as an innocent Toga party the first week of school with her roommate Rachel and friend Brad, turns into a trip to Hell.

Impregnated by Satan, she finds her way to a large hall filled with thousands of women of all ages and races who are pregnant. Charlie sees the gravity of Satan’s evil children getting into our world. Unfortunately, the Beast also sees the danger Charlie presents to him and to his plan for our world.

Imprisoned and nearly killed, Charlie escapes Hell and returns to our world. She goes to a clinic to see if it was all real. Nurse Nola tells her the good news is she wasn’t physically raped as she is still a virgin. The bad news is she’s pregnant. Charlie juggles school and her pregnancy with an ongoing battle with the Beast who tries to seduce and intimidate her, and conquer her will.
After an accelerated pregnancy, Charlie gives birth but Satan’s child is stillborn. However, the infant’s body later cannot be found. No longer needing her, the Beast expands the battle to Rachel who gets into the middle. Charlie briefly sees her son alive and older. She chases the four-year-old but he alludes her. The semester ends.

Home for Christmas, Charlie breathes a sigh of relief from her long semester. Then she gets an unexpected visitor. Now Charlie has to keep her family safe from the Beast and keep her visitor a secret, all while trying to keep her sanity.

Charlie takes us to Hell and back, battles Satan, meets angels, relies on the loyalty of her roommate Rachel and tries to get through college. We experience her terror, pain, strength, spirit, will, faith…and hope.

  • Mike Rose
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  • Genres:
    Horror, Thriller
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes
    Cannes, France
    July 30, 2020
    Selected for Festival
Writer Biography - Mike Rose

Following a 30-year career in investments, Mike has completed four feature screenplays, three TV Pilots and a Short. "13" is a family-oriented Drama which raises awareness about suicide. "Battle for Eden 1: Accept Your Destiny" begins a Horror/Thriller franchise of Good vs Evil. "Five Days In June" is an edgy Coming-of-Age Romance.
Mike has also completed a one-hour Pilot based on his "Battle for Eden" series and a half-hour Animated Children's Pilot "The Adventures of Harry the Hound!" based on his unpublished stories.

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Writer Statement

I'm early in my writing career but I have a lot of stories to tell. I'm exploring different genres and learning the craft. I have a fresh voice and a unique POV. I'm currently working on four screenplays and a Comedy Pilot based loosely on the Carol Burnett Show.