THE LOWDOWN: Barefoot Bijou Summer Film Festival is a non-competitive outdoor festival in Greensboro, North Carolina held during June in the Elsewhere Courtyard with support from various venues and businesses - screening rooms, restaurants, brewpubs, coffee shops, a makerspace and a co-working space - centered in and around the "southside" of Greensboro, a creative and entrepreneurial "village within the city."

The festival has a great big soft spot for well-crafted, original narrative films and the avant garde. We also love animated films, children's films, and empowering/inspirational films. We're always on the lookout for visionary, uber-talented filmmakers. In fact, our tagline is "The Venue for Visionaries." Student films are welcomed, too!

LENGTH: Film length can be from 1 to 15 minutes.

(However, if you are reading this and you have a short longer than 15 minutes, or a feature, that is well-crafted and perhaps out of the mainstream and in need of exposure, feel free to contact through their website, for consideration in their online Showcase of New Work.)

PLEASE NOTE: Because we are a community film festival, we avoid potentially offensive mature subject matter such as excessive violence, sex and vulgarity.

OUR SCREENINGS: Festival screenings are held on Thursday nights for the month of June, culminating in a Special Recognition Screening on Friday, June 24, 2016. All filmmakers are notified of their screening times and invited to a Meet N' Greet at a southside brewpub or other party venue.

The 2016 fest will showcase 96 films in the following categories:

Original Dramatic Films
Experimental/Avant Garde Films
Children's Films
Animated Films
Inspirational/Empowering Films
Films by NC Filmmakers (all genres)

OUR VIBE: Our name says it all. We are a kick your shoes off kind of fest with an easy-going yet entrepreneurial atmosphere where you'll find yourself chillaxing with fellow filmmakers and friends and talking about the business as well as the craft of making films. In fact, the fest is co-sponsored by the Forge, a makerspace, and by, a film investment listing service committed to creating a new paradigm for indie film funding, marketing and exhibition. We're all about forging something awesome together and discovering and enabling talented filmmakers.

ONLINE SHOWCASE: All entries will be considered for CineCoin's online Showcase of New Work by promising filmmakers.

As a non-competitive, non-juried festival, we do not give awards or cash prizes, but we do recognize the most promising films at the final night's Special Recognition Screenings on June 24.


1 - Film must be 15 minutes or less.
2 - Dialog must be in English (can be dubbed or subtitled).
3 - File completed Entry Form.
4 - Upload your Online Screener.
5 - Pay the Entry Fee ($20 Per Entry).
6 - Keep your fingers crossed.

(in case you need to send us anything)
Barefoot Bijou Submissions
115 W. Lewis Street
Greensboro, NC 27406

If you must mail us a check, make the check payable to "Barefoot Bijou Summer Film Festival."
Entry fees are non-refundable.