This event has been a vital part of the 21 Year running Bare Bones International Film & Video Festival. Now Bare Bones Script-2-Screen Fest is to be a separate entity by focusing solely on screenwriting, from script to screen.

Screenplays are the foundation for motion pictures.

Awards consist of both custom-made trophies, engraved plaques and Certificates of Achievement. Additional prizes from contributing sponsors may be added whenever available.

Category Awards: Bare Bones, Indiewood, Hollywood, Greenlight Production
Major Genre Awards: Drama, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Faith, Western, etc
Named Awards: TBA

Screenplay Reading with Professional level Actors.

Short Screenplay Greenlight Production Award (Shooting Script/Breakdown, Budgeting, Shooting, Post-Production)

Original works that are copyrighted either by the Writers Guild of America or the Library of Congress, submitted by the copyright holder.
Submitter must have authority to submit project either as Writer or Producer. Co-Writers should have permission of fellow writers.
Digital formats only. We do not accept hard copy paper submissions without prior approval.
Submissions may be updated if approved by the Director of the Bare Bones Script-2-Screen Festival & Awards Coordinator.
Generally accepted formats for screenplays, stageplays, teleplays should be adhered to.
Production budgets are considered estimates by number of locations, scenes, characters, costumes, effects, etc and is not deemed to be absolute in regards to the entry categories.