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Summary of Episode One of ‘Bandits

Logline: "Desperately Seeking Semen"

Format: 6 x 60-minute Episodes.

Set in a not-so-grim English York, the series would follow the stories of four disparate characters working together in a photo manipulation shop; all with very different attitudes towards fertilisation.

This is a “Cold Feet” for fertility choices in which 39-year-old Lizzy sets off on a journey of fertilisation, aided and impeded by gay and straight friends and colleagues. On it, she must lose her “smug-married” attitude and decide what is truly important in her pursuit of a child.

It’s baby-making night and 39-year-old Lizzy has got everything ready. Lizzy comes back from a baby shower early with her drunken, widowed sister, Jane, only to discover that Simon has knocked up his dowdy, older secretary - Susan, and is choosing to stand by her and ‘do the right thing’.

  • Clare Perry
    Writer, "Wolf in an Arran Sweater" 2000 Short Film, 'King Ponce' 2007 (short film), 'Condimentia' 2009 (short film), 'Very Heaven' 2010 (short Film). As a script editor, 'A Colecoa Invisivel' 2011 (Brazilian Feature Film, director Bernard Attal)
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Fujifilm Scholarship Awards 2000
    June 10, 2000
    Best Short Film, Most Commercially viable, Best writer, Best Editing and Best Cinematography
  • BAFTA Awards
    London, UK
    February 14, 2009
    Shortlisted for Best Short Film
  • Holmfirth Film Festival, UK
    Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
    August 10, 2010
    The Golden Compo ie The Audience Award for Best Short Film and Best Script award
Writer Biography - Clare Perry

Clare Perry’s Biography

Initially working in conservation in Wales, Devon and the Netherlands: In 1992 I moved into teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Whilst running a language school on Crete, I met and quickly married a U.S. Airman in 1993.

As a G.I. bride I moved to Fort Meade but willingly swapped this monotony for colourful Fell’s Point in Baltimore. I lectured in English at Towson State Community College. In 2000 I got my American citizenship and we got stationed back over at a US military base in England.

In 2001 I got an M.A. in Screenwriting from the Northern Film School in Leeds, U.K. Subsequently I lectured there for four years in Screenwriting.

A few shorts that I've written, have been made. 'Wolf in an Arran Sweater' won the Fujifilm Scholarship awards in 2001 and got a cinema release alongside ‘the Score’. ‘King Ponce’ was selected for the Manhattan Film Festival in 2008. In 2010 'Condimentia' got short listed for a BAFTA after showing at Soho Rushes in London.

'King Ponce' also screened at Kino Festival in Manchester and Encounters short film festival in Bristol. This was a UK Film Council funded Digital Short. Another script I wrote, 'Very Heaven' was commissioned as a Digital Short Plus by the UKFC with a higher budget.

I've done several workshopping and professional development courses; e.g. First Feedback, Arista Adept, and Moonstone. On Moonstone in 2003 I had Walter Bernstein and Troy Kennedy Martin as my mentors out in France.

Recently I've attended the EAVE (European Audio-visual Entrepreneurs) producers’ workshop with a producer and our feature script project, 'Blight' - which we are still developing.

Last Summer I completed the BBC John Yorke Academy High End TV Structuring and Editing course; which taught me lots about TV series writing.

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Writer Statement

I've lived a very eventful and multifaceted life all over the world.
I have a wealth of experience and hard-won craft which I'd love to hone on the HBO writing fellowship.

HBO are at the forefront of developing world class drama and identifying new talent. I'd adore working with and learning from you.

Though presently living in the UK I have American citizenship and lived there for many years. I also have American as well as UK set ideas. Hopefully, as somewhat of an outsider I'll bring a slightly slanted look to things.

Now 53 I'm a completely lone parent to a little boy living over in York, UK. My delivery was botched and I have some chronic health issues as a result. I can of course make it over to Santa Monica, should I be selected.

This opportunity would mean the world to me.