What's the only goal for any form of dramatic writing?...to be produced and seen.

Bandidos Yanquis Pictures, the company behind two award-winning and award-nominated short films, are looking for their next short screenplay to produce. Both short films by Bandidos Yanquis have received full-distribution via SHORTS TV International. Unlike most festivals that offer cash prizes or awards, the Bandidos Yanquis Short Screenplay competition will PRODUCE the winning short script.

All genres and budgets are welcome to submit. We're looking for scripts 20 pages or less. With each screenplay submitted, entrants will receive notes and comments on their scripts.

Judges will select 10 finalists from which will emerge one winner.

The winning screenplay will be PRODUCED by Bandidos Yanquis Pictures.

There is no limit on the number of short screenplays you can submit, but each screenplay must be original, and accompanied by a completed submission form and participant agreement. Maximum of 20 pages. Must be in English and submitted in proper script format. Bandidos Yanquis reserves the right to reject any short script that it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, contains prohibited content or is offensive, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable.

By submitting your script for consideration, you agree for Bandidos Yanquis Pictures to produce your short screenplay if selected as the overall winner.