The film festival "PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT" is conceived by the organizers as a platform to make people think about inter-relations between mankind and nature.
The Festival aims at raising environmental awareness by means of cinematography.
Submission of films for the Festival contest programme will finish on the 22d of April 2023. The framework of the Festival an Environmental Forum will be organized to discuss the most urgent environmental problems and the role of the films in their solution.

The jury of the Festival evaluates films and decides on the winners and awardees of the Festival in the following categories:
• Festival Grand Prix n.a. V. Rasputin (including 300 000 Russian rubles award);
• The best documentary film n.a. M. Romm;
• The best popular-science film n.a. I. Cherskiy;
• The best feature film L. Gaidai;
• The best animated film;
• “Baikal” Prize – for acuteness of the problem (film on the most actual ecological problems).

Festival jury reserves a right to add any other nomination and award a film with corresponding diploma.

There are special awards as well:

• Youth Jury Award;
• Mass Media Award;
• Audience Award;

State, public, educational entities and other organizations can give optional awards on the Festival. There are personalized awards as well.

23d Baikal International Film Festival "PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT" n.a. V.G. Rasputin that will take place in the city of Irkutsk on the 19th-23d of September 2024.
Films (documentary, feature (not less than 25 min and animation (not less than 1 minute) from different countries can participate in the contest program. The films must correspond with the Festival subject and be created not earlier than in 2022, running time from 25 minutes (doc. and feat.)on from all over the world and complying with the theme of the Festival.
Festival has traditionally provide board and accommodation for one representative of each film selected for the Festival contest programme. Travel costs to Irkutsk can be reimbursed within available funds of the Festival (fully or partially).
Submission of films for the Festival contest programme will finish on the April 1st 2024.
The arrival of a film representative to Irkutsk for the presentation of his work at festival events is a prerequisite for selection in the competition program. The Festival does not pay for the films
For the entry form consideration must be provided: copy of a film in electronic form with a link on video plattform; photo materials for the catalogue (in electronic form) must contain filmmaker’s photo and film snapshots (in jpg or tiff, 300 dpi, not less than 500 Kb); To be viewed by the selection committee, you must provide:
for films in the original language – a copy with English subtitles and editorial scripts (lay-out sheets) in English should be sent obligatory for all participants.
For films in English – a film copy and editorial scripts in English should be sent obligatory.
The entry must include: film title, copyright owners/production company, filmmaker name, camera man name, film running time, the year of a film production, nomination, director biography and filmography, film synopsis (70 words).
Film trailer should be sent too.
Failure to fulfill at least one of the requirements entails exclusion from the selection.
The organizers plan to hold the festival as usual, but do not exclude the possibility that due to the difficult epidemic situation in the world, the festival may be transferred online on the platform

Overall Rating
  • Volker Barth

    Topic driven festival that is highly recommendable to people with also an interest in the active and interesting Russian film scene and their perspectives. Located in the culturally rich metropole Irkutsk in remote and beautiful Siberia, the festival is very well and cordially organized (!). With ample of opportunity for exchange with other filmmakers and audience. Not knowing prior what to expect, a very positive surprise throughout. (and of course it was and felt like an honor to have been invited)

    October 2021