Bahubali seen recreation [Metaverse]

Actually this is my college time project. This was just given me as a challenge by my sir. Then I decided to create the portfolio of it. This was all know as bahubali 2 inspired environment. I just go to the YouTube took a lot of screenshots and downloaded a lot of images for this project. Surprisingly i modelled this whole Environment. It just took me 1 month for it.. because before that project i never have done this type of project.. literally it was a challenge for me. Just started analysing and started selecting for this environment. After that I just modelled. Then the time comes for the textures.. its took me little more time. Then for the rendering seriously it was a huge thing. I modeled, Textured and lighten up the environment. At the end of the day i got 20 to 25 cameras and some of them was finalized for the showreel. Rendering tools 1 month because at that time I don't have the knowledge of unreal engine or any realtime engine.. so just rendered it on 3ds max.

When I was working on a company as Unreal Engine artist. I learnt a lot from there by working on the real project. It was my dream that I could work on the unreal engine. So that came true.. finally I took my bahubali environment to the unreal engine 5.2 textured it on Quixel Mixer. Literally i was shocked because previously it tools 1 month for this project. But at that time its took 7 days to texture, Lighting and rendering.. but wait at that time I created a game or a metaverse where we can walk jump do whatever we wants.

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