To establish a global philanthropic identity as an African cultural preserver and a fortified patron of literacy advancement in arts and humanities.

To present and showcase the broad spectrum of Black Creative Genius; that reinforces a positive brand image of Africans and African Descent.

Our glittering and exciting finale of the festival, where we celebrate and congratulate the amazing talent on screen all week.

• New films shot and yet to or released between (2023 - 2024).
• Your film must be eligible for the category within which it has been submitted. The films must represents a major interest for sustainable development and the promotion of the continent’s rich cultural diversity of Africa and its diaspora community , history, black culture , spirituality, tourism, sports, education, security, grassroots development and its future.

• All films MUST be in African Indigenous Language and subtitle in English, French or Portuguese.

•The countries of CARICOM, associate members cum observers are eligible to apply.

• By submitting your film, you grant permission to Badagry International Film Festival (BIFF), her promoters Gbagi Communication Media and partners the rights to use clips of your film for promotional use.

• You also confirm that you have the rights to the project submitted and indemnify BIFIF and/or its promoters and partners of any legal action that may arise from our access/use of such content.

• You also agree that the jury's decisions for this festival are final, and you cannot enter litigation against the festival for any reason because your film wasn't selected or didn't win any prize.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks for nominated very good festival.

    December 2023
  • Being part of the Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival (BIFIF) has been an enriching and gratifying experience. It was truly inspiring to collaborate with our Edo State brothers and participate in an African film festival that not only celebrates cinematic excellence but also fosters unity within the industry.

    As filmmakers, it's crucial that we support each other, especially within the African film community. BIFIF provides a valuable space for collaboration, cultural exchange, and the collective growth of our industry.

    Our heartfelt thanks to the organizers for curating a festival that goes beyond conventional boundaries. Thank you for selecting "Sleepless Nights". Being part of BIFIF is not just about showcasing films; it's about contributing to a cultural movement that celebrates our shared stories and experiences.

    November 2023
  • Joseph Okhomina

    Awesome festival.. let's do it again next year

    November 2023