Bad Wolf Productions Indie Short Film Fest is designed to showcase talented filmmakers of short films who otherwise might not get a chance to premiere. We want to see an interesting and exciting story. Entertain us and you'll earn a spot at our screening. There is no entry fee, and you premiere in New Orleans at the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center in February.

Winning film and audience choice gets a certificate and a prize pack to be determined, but will definitely include a Bad Wolf t-shirt and other merch, and because we're based in New Orleans, a bottle of some kind of liquor, probably tequila, as long as the winning filmmaker is 21 years or older.

1. Deadline is January 24th. Winners will be announced January 30.
2. Films may be in any genre.
3. Preference will be given to films under 10 minutes, although films between 10 and 15 minutes will be considered.
4. Submissions should be minimum 720p but 1080p preferred.
5. Filmmakers will be required to sign a release certifying that they have received all of the necessary releases and clearances for talent, crew, location, property, music, special effects, etc. The release must be either scanned and e-mailed back to us or faxed by February 7. If you're under 18, please also have a parent sign.
6. We have no rules as far as profanity and nudity but we must consider what is acceptable to a public audience.
7. There is no requirement as to language or subtitles, but keep in mind we speak mostly English and our audience will be English speaking. If your entry is in another language and understanding the dialog is integral to the story, we probably won't understand it, which may hurt your chances of being chosen.
8. For screening purposes, films must be minimum 720p, but we prefer 1080p.
9. We do not accept hard copies of films. We must be able to download your film if your film is selected for screening.
10. We will post and notify filmmakers of the films selected by or on January 30.