We are a sharp-witted little girl, and our name is Pare. We are pissed at Mom, as she, after having dumped Dad, has torn us apart from home. We miss our room, our bed, but first and foremost we miss our playing time with Dad.

One morning, Dad makes a surprise and visits us at Mom’s workplace where we are staying. Unfortunately, it ends with a quarrel between the two. Worrying for Dad, we collect our things and decide to leave after Dad.

Taking the risk of a heavy quarrel with Mom, we go and ask money from her. As she leaves our questions unanswered, we start the quarrel only to notice that Mom is frozen and her neck is empurpled!

Frozen and empurpled… So, Mom should be sick, we conclude. Now we have one and only one goal: To heal her, just like she does to us in our sickbed.

  • Asli Yazir
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    Short Script
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    English, Turkish
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Writer Biography - Asli Yazir

Asli Yazir was born in Çanakkale in 1975. After completing her BA in Philosophy department at Bosphorus University and her MA in Film & TV department in Istanbul Bilgi University, she worked in different areas including translation and publication. Her latest translation of Robert McKee’s Dialogue has been published by Istanbul Media Academy. Several years ago, after long years of silence, she decided to chase her dream and write & make films. She is still struggling.

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Writer Statement

This is a story on what we call “motherhood” or the nucleus of life itself.

Pare has dropped to my imagination via a news clip about a little girl who sat by her dead mother for days. Haunted by her, I started to write Pare’s story.

Despite the challenges for finding Pare’s voice against her mute denial of a murdered mother, I must also admit that her purest attempt to shoulder and then transform her darkness has been my strongest guide.

Shouldering and transforming darkness - like a baby coming to world. This will be my constructing principle in establishing the film language as well. As the howling wind constantly shakes the windows of this old Istanbul house, I’d like to invite the audience to find their way in darkness, so they will be ready for a second invitation; to be brave enough to look at the naked truth. This is Pare’s very story indeed.

Destroying might be one side of the coin, however creating remains the other; unseen, yet the incomparably more powerful side of that conflict we call life.