A 12 hour film festival for Independent Underground Horror. Featuring 12 hours of Feature Film screenings and 12 hours of Short Form Film screenings running simultaneously. Vendors, live featured guests, and an interactive experience never seen before. Coming to New Jersey in 2016

No prizes will be awarded


1. Short-length film entries with runtime of 60 minutes or fewer.
2. Films must be available for the festival on DVD.
3. Films produced in languages other than English must have English subtitles.
4. Each film entry must include entry fee, brief synopsis, list of principles, director's bio, electronic photo, and a DVD (NTSC only) for preview purposes.
5. Beneath The Underground Indie Film Festival will take all possible care in the handling of entries. The Festival cannot be responsible for damage or loss to DVDs while in our possession or in transit.
6. Your digital signature on the entry form authorizes us to us your film for marketing purposes on television, in advertising, promotional items and/or news and other programs.
7. If your film is accepted to screen at the festival, you will be asked to immediately forward: stills, a poster and/or one-sheets.
8. If your film is accepted to screen at the festival and the Director/Cast can be in attendance or a merchandise table is needed for the event the submission fee of $25 will be deducted from the cost of a merchandise table if available.

1. A non-refundable entry fee must accompany each individual submission. If the fee is not sent via PayPal the entry will not be screened for consideration.
2. All film entries must be submitted on (NTSC only) DVD. Submission copies will not be returned.

All submissions and requests for further information should be addressed to:
Beneath The Underground Films. Submission to be paid via Paypal Account beneathunderground@yahoo.com