The BRUGGGORE Horror Movie Festival is Switzerland’s only (and therefore leading) Film Festival focusing solely on Horror Movies. It's situated in Brugg only 25 minutes from Zurich, 40 minutes from Basel and 60 minutes from Bern. Films are screened in 3 different categories: Fresh from the grinder – current festival films and brand new releases. Gutted millennials – extreme movies from the early 2000s. Rotten meat – Horror classics from the 70s to the early 90s.

The first edition of the festival in April 2021 will be conducted without any Awards or Prizes. There will however be an official "Selected for BRUGGGORE Horror Movie Festival 2021" label that can be used as promotion of your movie.

The BRUGGGORE Horror Movie Festival is focussing on extreme Horror movies – so no admission without blood and gore! We are looking for gore- and splatter, exploitation, slasher-, revenge-, zombie- and creature-features.