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In the Arizona badlands along the US-Mexico border, an amateur rip crew robs and murders a band of drug smugglers, and then attempts to hide in plain sight with a civilian Patriot militia group that is ‘guarding the border.’

In the aftermath of the murders, Robert Morrison, the aging and recently widowed rancher who discovers the bodies on his land, and Ava Leon, the troubled, single-mother Border Patrol agent who comes to investigate - both veterans - find common ground in their struggles to come home from war and begin a tenuous and guarded father-daughter relationship that, little by little, brings them both back to life. But as the fragile bond between Ava and her son and Robert grows stronger — the killers are falling apart and being driven by their rising paranoia down a desperate and bloody path.

And when the killers suspect that Ava is onto them, they see no way out but to kill her and cover their trail. So, they lay siege to Robert’s remote ranch house and Robert, Ava, and her son are forced to fight for their lives.

  • Craig Houchin
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Craig Houchin

Craig Houchin's screenplay, LUDLOW, won First Place in the FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK SCREENWRITING CONTEST and is in development with David Permut at Permut Presentations.

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Writer Statement

My screenplay, Borderlands, is a contemporary western set along the Arizona-Mexico border and tells the story of two war-damaged people who find each other in the shadow of violence and form a fragile ‘family’ that must be defended when a violent rip crew invades their home.

I like to write drama that intersperses the light and dark of life. Where moments of wrenching emotion are accented or countered with moments of character-driven humor or levity.