#BNHAF Bol-News Hybrid Art-Awards Festival is an international hybrid festival in the premier category of festivals. The flagship awards of #BNHAF are in film, media and fashion industry. The inaugural physical edition was held on December 11, 2021 at IMS University Campus, Ghaziabad in a packed audi of 300+ audience with an outreach of 100,000+ students in Ghaziabad city alone. Adhering to the hybrid format March 12, 2022 edition is online. #BNHAF accepts

1. Independent Cutting Edge Films
2. Experimental
3. Shorts l Fashion films l Music videos l Mobile films l Documentary l Trailers and Acting Reels l Advertising films
4. Documentary l News Features
5. Journalism l News Reoprting l Content Writing
6. Fashion designing l Fashion Reporting l Fashion Stylist
7. #BNHAF Showcase

#BNHAF is held physically in India, helping artists showcase art to a global audience. We believe each artist is unique with a distinct perspective, yet their art is often overlooked because of outreach. #BNHAF gives each participant wider outreach and helps create their fan-base. Filmmakers, actors, models, writers, authors, singers, dancers, painters, sportsperson, sculptors, lawyers, doctors, politicians, restaurateurs, hospitality – all contributors to arts are worthy of #BNHAF Award Nomination.

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Best Film
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Model
Best Screenplay
Best Dialogues
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Music Video
Best Song
Best Journalist
Best News Anchor
Best Fashion Designer
Best Fashion Stylist

1. First prize winners in each category get to tell their story in a one-on-one interview conducted online and featured on www.bol-news.com (previous stories have featured award-winning artists across the world)
2. All winners get a 50% DISCOUNT on Popcorn Flicks Film Services
3. All selected participants can attend the Annual #BNHAF Media Workshop conducted in a hybrid format (offline and online) for FREE
4. All winners will receive a FREE-PITCH session of their next film
5. All selected participants get a certificate of participation

Rules, Terms & Conditions:

1. Film Freeway is the exclusive submission method of #BNHAF
2. Selections will be made by #BNHAF.
3. The decision of #BNHAF regarding selection will be absolute and final.
4. The Submission fees are non-refundable.
5. Filmmakers must address an artistic, personal or social issue (except for #BNHAF Showcase category)
6. Photographers who wish to put together their still images as montages are eligible for screening.
7. Preference will be given to filmmakers who stand out as role models for social issues
8. The physical venue might change to a bigger venue to accommodate all.
9. One-on-one interview conducted online and featured on www.bol-news.com will either be in English or Hindi
10. All material will be provided to #BNHAF as specified
11. All social media requirements will be fulfilled
12. In all matters decision of #BNHAF will be absolute and final.