The Deathtrap Trilogy A fast paced 3 part actioner...a world unto itself. Please be seated.
B.L. Ray aka Jesse Kitten
1969- Began as a stage hand working with the IPPA
(Independent Professional Performing Artists) at the Louis Theater in
Chicago,Illinois under the artistic direction of noted Broadway Playwright
Theodore Ward ("Our Lan" Royale Theater 1947)
1971- Theatrical stage debut in "Ole Judge Moses" at Chicago State University.
1974- Toured the US as Uncle Remus in the children's play "The Black Fairy"
1975- Feature film debut in "Mahogany" (Diana Ross )
1976- Appeared in "Million Dollar Ripoff" (Freddie Prinze)
1979- Professional stage debut in the Goodman Theater production "Native Son"
1979- Appeared in the Peabody award winning telefilm "Dummy" (Levar Burton)
1980- Originated the role of Sgt. Amusa in the US premiere of Nobel Laureate
Wole Soyinka's stage play " Death and the King's Horseman" (Kennedy Center)
1981- Appeared in "Ragtime" ( James Cagney, Howard Rollins Jr.)
1982- Appeared in " Looking To Get Out " (Jon Voigt)
1984- Appeared in "Cotton Club" (Gregory Hines, Richard Gere)
1983- Off Broadway debut in the NYSF/Mabou Mines production "Cold Harbor"
1982/1988 - Stand up comedy performances in New York, New Jersey, Chicago,
and Los Angeles.
1986 - West Coast theatrical stage debut in "Drums Across the Realm"
(Directed by Forest Whitaker)
1987 - Appeared in feature film "Hollywood Shuffle" (Robert Townsend)
1988- Produced and directed short film "Extensions"
1990- Produced and directed short film "Sherlock Jones and the missing Hot Dog"
1991- Film Research (Brazil)
1992- Film Research (Hong Kong and Macau)
1994- Founding member Sambala Samba School
1995- Member MILA Samba School (Mocidade)
1996- Director Sambala Bateria (Drum Section)
1994-present Numerous performances with a variety of samba groups throughout
Southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Mexico, and Korea.
2000- Produced and directed "Enter..the Afro". Winner of the
2000 online short film festival award (20-30 minute category)
2001- Film Research (India)
2005- Producer of Lionsgate Films "Vampire Assassin"
2018- Barcelona International Film Festival *Honorable Mention Award*
Bombay Deathtrap
2020 Rhode Island International Film Festival Semi Finalist*
2022 Rotten Eggs Compilation Movie
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Current City
Los Angeles
"Cling fast to dreams …
For if dreams is a broken winged bird...that cannot fly"...
The Deathtrap Trilogy A fast paced 3 part actioner...a world unto itself. Please be seated.
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