Star Student

There they go again asking me to prove it
Looking at me cause I'm such a star student
Living healthy so I don't get ruined
Work hard, play hard, that's the blueprint
Imma show you how to do it (x4)

[Verse 1]
Make time for your classes, time for your studies
Time for yourself, and time for your buddies
Time for your significant other
... Unless they're not texting back
It's all good find out what you like to do
Try some hobbies even join a club or two
Getting active will help you become tight
And it helps you build a better social life
Always stick to your workout regiment
Set goals and keep up your scheduling
Always have good gym etiquette
And when you get buff don't get arrogant
When you exercise stretch and warm up
It helps you work better so you don't get torn up
Your body is the only one you've got
Take good care of it so you can reach the top


[Verse 2]
After finals week it's time to relax
Enjoy the time off live your life to the max
Just make sure you stick to your goals like chaps
Workaholic but you never have to relapse
Break time is a great time
If you lose track you can get in line
Never lose hope, no stop signs
You can bounce back and be just fine
And when you get back, do it even better
Always give your best and never settle
Soon you will be hotter than a kettle
Let the haters stay salty like a pretzel
Balancing school and life can be tough
But it pays off more than enough
Just set your goals and get movin'
That's how you be a star student

[Hook x2]

  • Benjamin Woods
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    2 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 18, 2016
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    United States
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