Did you know that Fort Lee, New Jersey was the birthplace of the American film industry? Film studios such as Universal, FOX and Solax were established in Fort Lee and many movie stars, like the Barrymores lived and worked here. The Barrymore Film Center was established by the Borough of Fort Lee and construction is almost complete on the 250 seat cinema and film museum, scheduled to open in the fall of 2021. The BFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and will be operated by the Fort Lee Film Commission.

Although recent world health events have delayed our grand opening of the BFC, we are offering a virtual film festival featuring short films and filmmakers from around the globe. Our Official Selections will be screened online in early 2021 and accessible to the public for viewing free of charge.

We invite all filmmakers to submit your short film for judging and consideration to appear in our virtual film festival. As a thank you to our filmmakers, we will include a one year complementary membership to the BFC, which will begin once we open our film center to the public.

Please review the three (3) categories for film submissions to determine which best fits your film. You may enter your film(s) in more than one category, but cannot enter the student category unless you meet the age requirements. Student filmmakers, however may enter submissions in any or all categories. Submission fees are required for each category and each submission(s). There is no limit to the number of films you may submit as long as they meet the criteria outlined in each category and in our rules and terms.

Thank you for your consideration and we wish you all the best of luck in your careers and in our competition.

BFC will select one (1) GRAND PRIZE FESTIVAL WINNER, which can come from any of our three (3) categories offered and will receive a $500 cash prize award and plaque.

BFC will select the TOP 3 Films awarding a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each of the following categories:

BFC Short Film Festival 2021 (category open to all)
BFC Student Short Filmmakers -18 & Under (ID required and category is age restricted)
BFC Cell Phone Cinema Short (category open to all)

Judges will select the top three films (3) in each category, each receiving plaques and/or certificates.

Once the judges have selected all finalists, they will be announced and be available online for viewing. The viewing public will be asked to cast a vote for one overall "AUDIENCE FAVORITE" across all categories and the winner will receive a certificate of recognition.

The judges will award one (1) overall "JURY PRIZE", which will receive a certificate.

The BFC will give a COMPLEMENTARY one (1) year regular BARRYMORE FILM CENTER MEMBERSHIP per submission in the name of the individual that enters the competition on behalf of the film project. The BFC MEMBERSHIP is limited to one per person submitting, regardless of how many categories entered or films submitted.

BFC reserves the right to make any and all modifications, changes and updates to these categories and the festival rules and regulations:

BFC Short Film Festival 2021 (category open to all)
(Maximum Run time is 30 minutes including credits and titles)

BFC Student Short Filmmakers -18 & Under (ID required and category is age restricted)
(Maximum Run time is 30 minutes including credits and titles)

BFC Cell Phone Cinema Shorts (category open to all)
(Maximum Run time is 10 minutes including credits and titles)

* SHORT Films Only
* All Genres
* No incomplete films accepted
* No submission fee refunds
* All film submissions must go through FilmFreeway, we are a "GOLD FESTIVAL"
* Films must be in English or have English sub-titles
* Digital submissions only, either on VIMEO, YouTube and/or other online sources
* No DVD or Blue-Rays accepted
* Submissions cannot exceed 30 minutes in length (including titles and credits) for every category except CELL PHONE CINEMA SHORTS, which cannot exceed 10 minutes in length (including titles and credits).
* No limit to number of submissions per filmmaker, but each requires a separate entry fee.
* BFC will not accept any film produced by a major motion picture studio; only independently produced films will be accepted
* Submitted films should have been completed on or after January 1, 2019
* Entries cannot have a US commercial release, theatrical run, broadcast on TV before April 21, 2021.
* No premier requirements
* BFC will notify all filmmakers of selection status on or before January 2, 2021 through FilmFreeway
* The BFC virtual shorts festival will begin online via our website (barrymorefilmcenter.org) beginning January 8, 2021, featuring all Official Selections
* 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place will be awarded in all three categories, a "Jury Selection" winner, "Audience Favorite" winner and the "GRAND PRIZE WINNER" of BFC Short Film Festival 2021 will be selected and announced on February 15, 2021 (John Barrymore's Birthday!).

RELEASE: The Barrymore Film Center and the Fort Lee Film Commission is granted permission and the right by the submitter, whether an individual or corporation to use excerpts, quotes, stills, titles, photos and footage for promotional purposes prior to, during and after the BFC Short Film Festival 2021. In addition, the BFC is granted permission and the right to use photos, footage and other materials gathered during the event for promotional purposes in perpetuity. Promotion may include, but not be limited to, BFC websites, e-communications, social media, TV, internet, radio and print sources. The submitter provides BFC with indemnity and release from any/all liabilities, losses, damages, claims and expenses relating to any trademark, copy-write, credits, publicity and screening.

The BARRYMORE FILM CENTER (BFC) and the FORT LEE FILM COMMISSION reserve the right to modify scheduling, venues and any aspect of the BFC SHORT Film Festival 2021, without advance notice to submitters.

Your submission in the BFC Short Film Festival 2021 will serve as your acceptance, acknowledgement and understanding of the rules and terms and your agreement to abide by the rules and terms herein.